Anchoring at the Island of Dragons! [Ep. 94]

We dropped the anchor in turquoise water, at an uninhabited island completely covered with lizards! These little things liked to nibble at your fingertips and although they were small and almost nearly cute, I was pretty scared. I think their extreme confidence and gutsy attitude is what gave the island it’s name. Visitors beware! It’s Isla De Sa Dragonera! … and please don’t feed them or leave trash behind.

Song Credits:
10:04 The Quiet – Chelou
04:06 Autumn Leaves – Seafoam Sweater Girl
06:17 Forgotten – Seafoam Sweater Girl
09:36 Autumn Leaves – Seafoam Sweater Girl

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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  1. Hi you two,this is the old man from florida, 75,going strong. You both are a breath of fresh air to my,I get up in the morning to see what your up make my day, I would love to be a patron put I only get $ 800 00 dollars a month to live on.not crying in my beer,just telling it like it is.,
    When I was a young man I wanted to do what you two beautiful ones are doing but a war come along,then a marriage, kids,you get the IDEA . GOD BLESS YOU BOTH, I will keep saying my prayers at night asking God to watch over you both . peace and blessings always, Bruce, C Reed 604 rutherford bvld Sebring florida case you are in the neighborhood, the coffee pot still on.

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