Pre-Chrissy SLV Playlist! (Ep 168, 169, Boat Life, 170, 171, Food & Water, Spaghetti Marinara, Floa)

Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Thank you to our featured artists, we love you guys! 

Here we stand at the end of the awesome year that was 2018 and what a ride it was. The music blew our minds, it is the highest quality of original music we could possibly ask for.

We hope you enjoyed it too! As always we have playlists on Spotify and SoundCloud for your perusal, follow the links to listen to the music from the last several episodes.



Keep up to date with all our music happenings on the new Instagram account, just search for sailinglavagabondemusic and it will be at your fingertips.

A huge thank you to our featured artists for a great year in 2018, we’re looking forward to more of the same in 2019.


Spotify Playlist

Soundcloud Playlist

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Featured Artists



AIKK grounds roots from Florida to Egypt, the combination making way for his unique accent which is a snug fit for the music.

Smoky, husky and hypnotising, AIKK’s vocal inspires interest through modulation and relaxes into the beat pushing the tracks.

The music is a well-meshed blend of surf-rock, psych-rock and reggae fusion. It is a gooey, malleable surface for AIKK to sink his very-cool vocal into.



Elli Schoen –…

Elli is creative at her core, living an art-like life of travelling and music. Relatable and honest music that is founded in tones of love, loss, hope and emotion Schoen reaches a vast audience of young adults.

Husky vocals resonate and float, the music below serves as a platform for story-telling insight into undoubtedly deep experiences.

The overall feel of Schoen’s music is like sadcore dream pop. Heartfelt and heartbreaking messages are woven among the disguise of upbeat indie rock music.



Grey Whistle Test –…

Grey Whistle Test is a duo writing pensive indie pop and delicate chamber pop. Their music has a subterranean feel, as if it is created inside a cave full of crystals.

Their band name is inspired by an interesting story, “In the music industry in the 60’s, a doorman that worked at a record label in London wore grey jackets, he would whistle to certain songs and it predicted the songs popularity.”

Chilled vibes bring to mind elements of artists such as Big Scary, Bon Iver and an unplugged Empire Of The Sun.


Izi Phoenix –…

Cool, low-key music slides along earthy musical ground, with lyrics almost whispered like a secret. Indie rock that verges on post punk drives Izi Phoenix, although it is hard to put a finger on what this is exactly.

Perfectly delicate music is delivered with care, a package of softly strummed guitar or a gentle river of bass chords flows and gives a ‘haunted attic’ feel.

The 2018 Izi Phoenix offering ‘Cambridge Girls’ treads softly like a lullaby.



Joe Marson –

Joe writes soul music reflective of his life journey, decades of traveling experience that moulded and shaped him.

Soul music at its foundations, there are hefty tones of blues and rock and roll throughout. The music itself is to be marvelled, tight as a monkey’s fist, crescendos building to lofty heights, heavenly back up choirs, insane guitar tones and well utilised effect pedals among a long list of others.

All of this allows Joe’s goosebump inspiring vocal to roam freely all over the tracks. When he lets loose, the intensity of his fantastic vocal range absolutely captivates.



Steve Tyssen –

A musical powerhouse, Tyssen has released five musical projects in five years. His obsession driven by a passion for songwriting and multi-instrumentalism.

His music floats around the indie spectrum, from folk to psychadelia, Lo-fi and everything in between. Tyssen self recorded two of his offerings and had a hand in the recording the others, his unique personality splashed across each track.

Some of Tyssen’s songs have enjoyed minor-mainstream success, being included on popular Spotify playlists, ‘Infinite Indie Folk’ and ‘Boho + Chill’.



Adam Yoo

Hailing from Canada, Adam creates a relaxed, mellow vibe that’s easy to daydream along to.

Low-key chill out music floats seductively around the room with each slap of the guitar, vocals heavy with reverb, simple, catchy melodies sublimely distracting.

Adam’s SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base, in recent days he’s released new singles to satisfy the cravings, for now…

His latest compilation album ‘Lovely Bones’ was released in mid 2018 and is available on BandCamp for purchase. Featuring an assortment of his tunes, at $7 it’s an absolute steal.



Airline Food –

Perth four-piece Airline Food is a psychedelic indie band, quickly filling a cozy little niche that likely includes furry walls, beanbags and lava lamps.

Their music is so chill. Synth strokes are delightfully lazy and laced between a jazz-infused beat. Hot little bass lines and cosmically reverberating guitar are the gold standard, providing space for vocals that echo eerily and drift through the tracks like a ghost.

Their March 2018 release ‘Fragments in Green’ is seductive and takes a page from the book of artists like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala.



Alnilam –

Entrancing, atmospheric dream pop, with layer upon layer of sound that blends and contrasts to construct a magical tapestry of music.

Stellar musicianship drives Alnilam, with several instruments orchestrated cleverly to create space, fill in with a wall of sound and form anticipation and crescendos throughout the ebb and flow of each song.

Delightful bass lines run throughout, acoustic and electric guitars harmonise, various classical stringed instruments, a percussion section and more. Not to mention the caramel smooth vocal input of singer Elena Pinto.



Alon Barak

Alon Barak writes and records expressive and interesting music.

Employing a sound that is almost exclusively acoustic, Barak redefines melodic multi-instrumental style on his debut EP ‘Core Values’. Performing for more than a decade, his music shines with experience and passion.

After more than two years since his debut release, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Alon Barak for hints of a new album.




Bill Beaumont –

Bill Beaumont’s debut Ep was released on May 26, 2018 and is a paddle in the murky waters of experimental rock.

Although these musical journeys can be somewhat risky – producing a palatable sound while exploring your creative musings – Bill has succeeded with this album.

Parts alternative-ambient, parts hinting at a slide blues influence, Beaumont’s take on contemporary, home-recorded music is curiously meditative to listen to.

Drop into his Bandcamp account for a full listen and to purchase his record from only $2.



Blissful Red

Blissful Red is Melancholic dream pop at its best. Shy vocals are set against the strumming of a looped guitar with solos included.

Blissful Red remains elusive but has been likened to musicians such as Beck, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead.

BR has recently updated his Soundcloud with a couple of new singles, he also has an EP out on iTunes (follow the links) and a new EP in the works.




Chase is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Francisco in California. Evolving to a more mature and honest style of writing in recent times, he continues to satisfy his following.
Uncomplicated and rhythmically flowing musical arrangements add strength to the appeal of McBride’s music. His latest album ‘Green Shade’ was released in February 2018 and continues Chase’s indie-pop legacy.
Spotify playlists Weekly Buzz, Viral 50 USA and Viral 50 Global are notable accolades.


Dominic Bennett –

The haunting falsetto of Dominic Bennett compliments his energetic, minimalist and lo-fidelity sound brilliantly.

Music that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion, writing and tonal sensibilities, Dominic hits the high notes with ease while showing a masterful efficacy on the classical guitar.

Dominic’s true core understanding and workings are found in the lyrics and impassioned delivery of his songs.




Eli Blackshear –

Blackshear affects a buttery, lo-fi vocal united with a catchy and simple guitar track that serves its rhythmic purpose with ease.

Fluxing from slow jam ballads to upbeat, ample barre chord ditties, maintaining interest is no problem.

While the musical aspect of Blackshear remains comfortably linear, he shines bright with his raw, tone-generous, emotional vocal and lyrics.




Evntho –

Low-fi Indie ‘writer of song’ Evntho is characterised by his nonchalant yet emotional music production.

Personal stories are deep and strung along a tapestry of simple musical elements, such as distorted vocals, unusual instruments and effects loops on everything.

Evntho writes music from the heart. Emotional and reflective, song meanings somewhat hidden behind a distracting and perhaps misunderstood approach to overall sound.




Fai Rynita –

“Fai is an Indie singer-songwriter from the Byron Bay hinterland who has been developing her craft since childhood.

At age 13 she taught herself to play the guitar and soon enough began writing her own songs.

Influenced by such legends as Elliott Smith, Kate Bush, Dolly Parton, The White Stripes, The Beatles and The Cure what you get with Fai is intimate, folk-tinged songs that are bursting with quality from the first note to the final haunting chord.”



Gotam Sen

Gotam Sen has featured regularly on Sailing La Vagabonde, producing solid and versatile music that is well received by international listeners.

Sen’s vocal melodies are a standout; pensive and yearning to allow the musical soiree to unfold with a karaoke style confidence.

Beneath the vocal charm, a bright musical composition pushes a driving rhythm. Bass lines walk a tightrope of standard drumbeats and other instruments introduce themselves sporadically.



Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers layered sound textures backed by evocative and soothing vocals.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of strung, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’, available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.





Isaac Balson –…

Bedroom acoustic experimenter Isaac Balson is an alternative-indie music composer sharing fun music with the world.

Most of his songs have some element of experimentation within them including interesting effects pedals, unexpected tempo changes, guest singers and unique instruments.

A staple of many of Isaac’s songs is the ukulele, keeping an enjoyable floating, airy vibe to the songs.



Jet Belly –

The music Jet Belly writes could quite easily be the soundtrack to your summer drives.

Coastal rock vibes are a staple of the project with clean, slightly overdriven guitars, clever bass lines and chords (Scott Montgomery AKA Jet Belly is a bassist) and fun vocal harmonies.

Described as indie, power-pop, rock and sometimes teetering on psychedelic, the various combinations lead to a rocking party themed musical vibe.



Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is one to watch, the Brisbane local has been making waves with his breezy, bluesy ballads and intimate live shows.

An original song writer, he also fronts another SLVM featured band ‘Fugitive and the Vagabond’.

Despite his hectic schedule, Jordan managed to release two EP’s last year, the newest his personal masterpiece, ‘Songs From House Arrest’. Have a listen for some beautiful vocals and honest story telling.




Kalun Townsend –

Singer-songwriter Kalun Townsend is steadily building a fanbase not only on the Central Coast where he’s living, but around the world.

Featuring a dreamy and euphoric style of indie acoustic music, his debut EP “Lessons” has been amassing hits on all the socials.

Starting by performing for school events, his popularity has grown alongside continued experimentation and development of his unique writing style.




Expression, passion and freedom are a few of the words that describe the essence of KOPANO. Her story is set against the sound of sick synth layers and powerful vocals.

The Perth artist is found in good company, supporting acts such as Banoffee and Confidence Man. KOPANO performs exciting live shows, steadily gaining a foothold on the local music scene.

Keep an eye and ear out for her latest EP set to be released sometime in 2019.




Luis Trindade –

A wonderful melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method, murmuring heartfelt words along the ebb and flow of rhythmic guitar.

An independent artist, Luís’ music exists only in the digital realm. He garners an impressive online following with beautiful, meaningful music.

Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!

“If you like my music please support me, you can download my LP at bandcamp, or through a donation to I don’t have a label, so my music exists only in digital editions. Thanks for the visit and for giving a listen to my music.”



Martin Piehlmeier –

Piehlmeier is a guitarist who likes to strum, pick, slap and beat his way through impressively complex songs.

Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from his single guitar is unbelievable and does all of the talking.

Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you through his imagination.




Micheal Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate, pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback.

Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed.

Dunstan’s recently released single ‘Calais Road’ signifies the birth of his highly anticipated 2019 Australian tour and new EP, ‘New Normal’.



Mimi Gilbert –…

Mimi has a wonderful, raw and honest voice that melts atop her sweet guitar tone.

Her songs are meaningful and drawn from an extensive personal life experience spent mostly between her home of the USA and Australia.

While her lyrics are utterly relatable and often dense with all tones of the emotional spectrum, there is a driving sense of hope that oozes out of the songs amidst the rhythm of her guitar and occasionally featured percussion.




Sam is always releasing impressive music on his Soundcloud account, music that has evidently evolved over time.

From subtle guitar folk songs, to electronic sounding indie-rock anthems, Sam continues to produce quality work.  In saying that, his departure from the Carmody of old (apparent by the deletion of old tracks online) and musical overhaul has certainly been for the best.

It will be interesting to see what else the WAM-award winning songwriter will have to offer in subsequent releases.

“A really special songwriter” – Lachie Macara, Triple J

“Sam Carmody is a real literary talent, with an artist’s inquiring mind and a natural feel for the beauty and toughness of language” – Charlotte Wood, author of the award-winning The Natural Way of Things.



Sense –

Influenced by the likes of Kygo and Odesza, Sense deliver their own brand of refreshing electro-funk and succeed in awakening the inner wanderlust in us all.

Going from very relaxed tracks like “Senegal” (featured in this weeks episode of SLV) to dance floor anthems in the same breath is a challenge for any musician, however Sense manage to do so effortlessly. Follow the link above to listen to their brand new EP, ‘Esper’, its electro-pop musings are very, very, nice.




Sky Jammer

Reggae-jazz outfit Sky Jammer are a five piece original music project led by Jammer, the front man and singer-songwriter who is also a pilot, hence the name.

Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnston, the island vibe Sky Jammer carry is the central theme to their music. Like their predecessors they successfully spread their positive life message to anyone within an earshot.

The Sky Jammer Music Project is currently recording the new material being trickle-fed across the socials.




Thank you to all of our featured artists, it was a cracker of a year for new music and we’re so glad we took this journey together.

All the best to everyone during the festive season. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy. See you next year!


Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Adam Yoo –


Airline Food –

Alnilam –

Bill Beaumont –

Blissful Red –…

Chase McBride –…

Dominic Bennett –

Eli Blackshear –

Elli Schoen –…

Evntho –

Fai Rynita –

Gotam Sen –

Grey Whistle Test –…


Isaac Balson –…

Izi Phoenix –…

Jet Belly –…

Joe Marson –

Jordan Merrick –

Kalun Townsend –


Luis Trinidad –

Martin Piehlmeier –

Michael Dunstan –

Mimi Gilbert –…

Sam Carmody –

Sky Jammer –

Steve Tyssen –

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