(Daily Vlog 4 of 21) Departing from Tonga and deciding what course to take, hoping that the forecasted weather holds true and really really really being like… not worried… but like when you get butterflies but they are the good kind and your feeling ok but have a big task ahead of you but think that you will be able to do it but also know that people have died doing this trip before and definitely wanting to do everything you can to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Conscientious, sedulous, respectful of the ocean and mother nature, anxious, elated, acknowledging doubts as they arise and trying to be honest about your and the boats capabilities. Big trip. Don’t forget to follow me on insty https://www.instagram.com/riley.whitelum/

Song Credits:
00:09 Core Values – Alon Barak
04:05 When Will I see you Again – Wheeland Brothers
05:46 Fair Winds and Following Seas – Randall Williams

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. Have a good and save trip Raley We follow you My wife and me. We expect doing the same in 3 years. Take care.

  2. You are bringing back all the jitters that I felt on my only solo run (1600nm). It scared the bejeebies out of me but I’m so glad I did it. I talked to myself non-stop – had full-on conversations and blasted music into the air. A major gale too! Looking forward to watching bits of your voyage. Fair winds Riley!

  3. Can’t see where to like so ill leave comment. Pace yourself and keep strength and resolve ready for tough bits. Always wonder how you rely on electric autopilot. You can balance your boat to sail hours at a time. Have you ever thought of windpilot,
    Good luck

  4. Reily, what did I hear you say that you only brought 6 beers with you on a 1200 mile trip. ARE YOU NUTS? It’s rum and beer as a staple as long as you drink in moderation my friend. I give you a lot of credit…..but only 6 beers? God Bless you, fair winds and calm seas as always. Captain Dave, s/v Morning Star in Key West.

  5. Good luck buddy, I wish I was doing that on my boat. All the best,look ford to seeing the movie .??

  6. this is like watching one of those movies about history where I already know the outcome! Good work Riley living my the dream

    1. Post

      Riley has always wanted to do a solo trip to challenge himself and understand what it’s like

  7. I think the word you were hunting for at the beginning is “Point of no return”. Oh, and also, you’re meant to service those winches about once a year or so to prevent exactly this from happening 😉

  8. Well done and great achievements. You are both inspirational.
    I have just finished watching all your videos back to back ( at work!) ssshhh.
    Cant wait for more on the solo sail and more adventures.

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