20,000 Leagues Above Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 75

What an adventure! We jump in a little plane to see a bit of New Zealand by air. Our new pal JP has been flying since he was a kid, heard we were in NZ and offered to take us for a spin. I actually got really bad motion sickness from the flight and it wasn’t until we went sailing that I’d made a come back… But it was totally worth it. We hope you enjoyed the sail! See you again soon. Elayna & Riley. Also don’t forget to checkout JP’s YouTube channel and Instagram!

Song Credits:
00:08 Porch Guitar – Impending Solstice Blues
02:28 Porch Guitar – Funky Monkey Business
09:02 Chiara La Woo – Cloud 9
12:01 Frontier Child – The Primordial Whine The Beginning
12:53 Andrew Rothschild – Let Go

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. aloha la vagabonde ?
    about flying with a ‘stranger’ ~ i did that in germany, at wasserkuppe where i was invited to fly in a glider !
    i’m so glad i did; i got to take control for a minute, and we circled over a monastery, and endless hills and wetlands, countryside ~
    and i got back safe ~ had a beer ~ what an amazing day.
    i think the experience is so lovely, they cant help but want to share it ( :

  2. Yeah I think I would. How long after you met Riley did you go for a sail? Not quite the same but similar.
    On a more serious note, what if you end up not liking catamaran sailing and after your year decide that you would rather go back to a monohull? Can you maybe lease La Vagabonde so you have an option to go back to her? Or at least not rush into selling! All your dreams may come true with the Outremer and I so hope they do but at least give yourself a little time to decide. Good luck! ?⛵️

  3. I’m no woman, but I’ve taken many women for flights, including first flights. I’m not aware of any of them being concerned about the flight because they were a woman. The typical nerves about doing something new, sure.
    BTW, I’ve watched all the vids to date. You two are doing what I wanted to do at your ages. Well done.

  4. I’m not a girl but,
    I used to fly with a buddy ,He and his dad built a single engine Cessna type. My girl Judy at the time went up with him ~ didn’t know him at all.
    Larry was cool but a little weird at times. He asked her if I die while flying what would you do… She started screaming so loud (with Headset on) he landed that plane as fast as he could . She never flew again.. I want to say it again you two got a gift we never know whats going to be next on the vids.. JP was cool the video was great the Vaga is still alive, Abby go’s straight… But with the new ride you only have one helm and its on the wrong side. your neck going to hurt looking port side all the time…… Keep it real guys, we are lov-in it ~

  5. Another great addition to your ongoing travelogue, Riley & Elayna! JP is a fascinating character … looks like he has packed a lot of experiences into his relatively young years.

    And Elayna … (I’m not a girl, of course … but here’s my take on your question): I think JP’s character would have been self-evident from the moment you met him. 🙂

  6. Was this young hotshot trying to make you puke? If you want someone to like sailing, don’t introduce them to it in a gale. If you want someone to like flying, don’t throw your go-cart with wings into back-to-back, high g turns. Not cool, Slider.

  7. HA HA HA! Yes I did this with a girlfriend some years ago, and although it was not the first time for me in a small plane or helicopter it was faintly terrifying! Some guys we met had come to Wanaka with 2 planes between them, they were using the planes build up flight hours towards getting their commercial licences. There is the kind of scared that makes you giggly and chatty, then there is the kind that makes you speechless! This was the speechless kind. Type 2 fun for sure. We first hooned across the lake barely metres above it and then straight up over the mountains. They were showing off a bit I think! I vowed to be more careful with my ‘off the cuff’ adventures in future!

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