4WD Trip in Remote West Oz. Feeding Family Along the Way!

Mount up team. We’re getting in the car and heading north to give ourselves a go at camping. We’ve got a fresh new appreciation for Tetris, we’re shoving 5 people in the car alongside some spearing equipment and a couple vegetables. The 5th is our new mate Kate, who’s joining us on our big road trip. We’re super happy to get out there and show you more of Western Australia and its massive coastline. There’s just so many great spots through here, enough for a lifetime and some of the best water in the world. And it’s really special we’ve got the opportunity to let Lenny run through the dunes and scrub like we did as kids. Perhaps that’s where it all started for us…

If you’d like to hear us talk more about our future plans after our time in Western Australia, we discuss it in one of our recent live streams on Patreon.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re getting out there even if it is just to camp. I love your travels. The videos, as always are put together perfectly. Thank you so much for letting some of us in the world peer into your fascinating and fun life. I am hoping it will rub off onto me. Thank you…

  2. You guys are doing great! Just maintain your usual sense of humor, and have fun! Luvya!

  3. Tell me about it Riley, Gina Always fills
    my gmc Safari To the max whenever we go camping. We pull it all out and I mean two bikes ,tent, canopy and put most of it it in our Coleman tent the one with the breezeway it absolutely will not leak. Most of the cooking stuff she has to organize . That goes under the canopy on and under the two army fold out tables. So we put the aero bed back in the van. and sleep in there but only after we evacuate it all. Probably four bags of clothes, towels bed stuff fireplace copper coolers backpack cooler (great item if you like beer)
    But What I’d like is a four wheel drive van for beach camping .Have to be careful for plover nests and turtle nests peace out sorry to hear about the Jab but I guess you had too for the trip to vietnam’ so exited for you all!


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