FAME, and all that B******T

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  1. Awwwww, this is such a poignant and bittersweet video…my eyes are full of tears watching it. I think the part about how the public can interfere and invade into our lives really struck me hard, my son owns a dance company for modern dance, and we’ve gone out for dinner or to a show, and people would literally push me aside to get to him. It’s not complimentary, it’s touch and feel and squeal about him and to his face. I think the thing that makes it sane for him is separating public life from private life and that has helped.

    My suggestion for airport madness is to access the private entrances at airports for people who get recognized. The special airport staff escort you through security, customs or immigration, and you don’t have to run the phalanx of rude people clambering for your attention.
    Here’s a link with some of the special terminals you can use:

    I’ve been following your adventures for years, and it’s a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, reading and watching your vids.
    Thanks for your honesty, your great sense of humour and your lovely natures….what a treat to see you doing what you love!
    xo Bren

  2. Great job and glad that you all had fun.
    Thanks for sharing the Boat Show video.
    I can’t wait to see the Trimaram.
    2 years 6 months to go. Frost boat.
    Take care

  3. Ry I have what I think is a great business idea. I do not want to run/operate the business, I’m just looking to get a boat out of the deal so I my wife and our two sons can leave the land. I’m a master machinist, mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer and a manufacturing engineer, (MM ME AE Mfg.E) I would like to talk with you if you can manage. If not text/email will have to do. My phone is (406) 660-0701 I live in Carthage Missouri central time zone

  4. I was in the meet and great line on Monday where I tried to explain how to make wooden hand rails for the passage down below. I’m a big fan of your program and the videos of your adventures. Also I am a boat builder of traditional schooners and a few trimarans, and lots of kayaks and canoes. It is the personalitys of you two and the boys that make the show so popular and the catamaran is the dream boat of many sailers and dreamers that binge watch your adventures on La Vagabond II. It’s a tuff job but you do it so well. The camera work just keeps getting better year after year. I’m a 78 year old proud father of two 50+ year old ladies, Ann Miller’s company detailed La Vagabond for the boat show. I must add that Lenny and Darwin deserve much credit for the family charm of your videos. I just adore them both. I don’t know if anyone ever told you this but I heard from a man called Ismael that practically every child born these days is a volunteer soul from the Pleadees or Lyra and may be very old souls come to Earth to assist us in the coming transition into the fourth to sixth dimension of reality. Sounds rather loony but just meet Ismael Perez on “projectrestorationzion1”, enjoy. That’s my gift to you. Much love Jim Miller at millerboats@yahoo.com. Get his book on Amazon. See you next year?

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