43 knots, bye bye Rileys Jocks (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 31

In Santa Marta – Colombia, we are joined by two good friends Ana and Connor who were travelling Colombia at the same time. Yippeeeee, friends! We explore what this beautiful beach town had to offer and celebrated our reunion. The port authorities wouldn’t let us leave to our next destination being Cartagena, as the weather was apparently ’too rough’. We left the day after…. and wished we had waited just that ONE extra day later to give the conditions time to chill out. OOPS. Soz guests. Please, come again!

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  1. God Bless you guys! Living the life that all should have…your videos & music are a true inspiration.

    By the way, have you thought about taking requests from your fans for new covers? I think people would love that…

    Don’t laugh too much, but Goo Goo Dolls are making a comeback, touring again soon…how about a cover of Iris by them? Your voice would do this song justice!


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  2. I have a solution to your problem of the spinnaker halyard chaffing through. I had the same problem sailing from Valdivia, Chile to the Galapagos. I had the boat yard make a stainless steel trumpet-shaped piece that fit in where the pulley goes at the top of the the mast so that the halyard goes over the pulley and through the trumpet. The chafing problem is because the asymmetrical spinnaker has quite a bit of sidewards pull and results in chaffing. The trumpet shaped attachment supports the spinnaker better and keeps it from chaffing. I haven’t had any problems since I put that device on. I can send you some pictures of the device if you are interested in having one made. You can also see some of my adventures on my blog at http://www.escapeexpeditions.blogspot.com.

  3. You guys really should use safety lines and life jackets when its like this, especially when you are responsible for other people’s lives. Don’t let the dream turn into a life changing nightmare. Just looking out for you!

  4. You’re getting there Dude !
    So far, you’ve sailed in 30+ Knt winds, and now you’ve experienced 40+ knt winds. Sooner or later, you will encounter 50+ knt winds (that’s inevitable). When that happens remember to fold down your Bimini top and spray hood, or there will be nothing left to stitch back or repair.
    Bon vent,
    Signed; Ex-oilfield trash

  5. Awesome video again and as usual! Great to see you docking and working the boat. I laughed at the shameless plug and decided to buy something.

  6. This is great, I makes me feel like I’m sailing along with your great crew. It must be nice to have an extra hand to man the camera for your great videos.
    We are Still surviving the winters here in Connecticut. Let me know when you plan on visiting Newport RI, sailing capital of the world, I’d like to have da cocktail with the crew of Vagabond

  7. Hello Crew, I understand Ann is from upstate New York. What city is she from? I am from Niagara Falls and have many friends from her area.

  8. Another Great Video from you both. I still can’t believe you jumped from the mast…..anyhow just keep sending your videos and great outlook on life..you are an inspiration to a lot of folks on land…and again calm seas and fair winds to both of you…God Bless..Dave.

  9. Awe sum channel guys. I started watching your adventures whilst I was deciding if I should take a crew spot on a 40′ coming back to NZ from Fiji last year – so glad I did as the trip was epic. I keep watching now, as it often resonates with the things I saw. Keep up the great work.

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