5 Days at Sea, Just Riley and Me.

5 days at sea, sailing Panama to Galapagos (845 nm). It was good to set sail and be free of all things technology for a while (minus the cameras and video editing on the lappy….. But luckily I love that stuff). It was very calm for most of the trip. A BIG difference in weather if you compare it to the Caribbean, especially around Columbia!! Looking back, that was absolutely crazy. We couldn’t believe the amount of wild life we saw on this trip alone. More info on the pirate scare coming in the next episode and some footage of the spectacular congregation of fauna we managed to witness!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE GALAPAGOS.

Thank you all so much for watching these videos I make and following our voyage. It makes this adventure all the more worth it. Lots of Love, Elay xx

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  1. Great video! I seriously thought Riley was going to turn the boat around and chase that big old fish! Moby Dick came to mind!

    Glad the pirates were harmless and that you’re having fair winds.

  2. Love you two, Riley you lucky bastard! Elayna has to be the most beautiful girl in the world! Please be safe, do NOT let pirates get you, I would hate to have to swim there to rescue you two.

  3. Hey Riley,

    In Canada that plaid shirt you had one is referred to as a dinner jacket. You’d fit right in here.

    Hope those fish keep striking.

    Fair winds and calm seas! I


  4. Hey Elay and Riley,
    I know your compass is more important than the calendar but could you occasionally mention what day it is. Then I can look back at my calendar to see what I was doing that day, sort of fun.
    Tommymac 38.9339N 77.1773W

  5. Man that fish took that line like it was nothing! You’ll get him next time!

  6. Went to the G 10 years ago with 12 fellow nature freaks from Guelph Ontario, Canada on a 60 foot motor/sail boat which we chartered for 7 days. Our captain and crew were all “natives” and we ate the best food ever. How about giant shrimp with fresh salads and strawberries with real whipping cream for supper. They cooked everything in an 8 by 8 foot room. Went to several islands that most people never see. Our entire tour was pre-planed and the captain had to follow an exact time and day schedule. In fact, we were thrown off one island until the “cruise patrol” went off to checked our papers and said when they left: “If we don’t return within an hour we can go ashore again”–it was the island with the flightless cormorants–strange looking creatures with tiny useless wings. You may find getting to anywhere and everywhere you want to go is very difficult as everything is controlled and very protective–which it should be. Seeing both the blue and red footed bobbies was a treat, not to mention most of the Darwin finches. Best of luck. Unfortunately George the longest living tortoise is no longer alive

  7. This is amazing what you do 😉 I have a dream to do the same with my girl. I hope it will come true. You are so cool. all the best guys.

  8. suspenseful ep. a “fishing” boat? Big engines for chasing Tankers? I once crossed a crabbing trawler that was the fastest thing I ever saw on water in Thailand. Massive wake. It’s real out there.

  9. Great video gang, had the heart racing a few times there, was eager to see what it was but I guess there’s always more strikes .. maybe some BoatNet/Internet in the hiding spot would be sensible, and .. what might help the nerves .. drill a few procedures for all scales of pirate behavior. Works for the navy in times of crises .. not that you don’t already have tons of stuff to do. Anyway, happy sailing and this ‘lubbers sure looking forward to the next episode..

  10. No history lessons just pure sailing and freedom , give me more of our beautiful planet. Love following you two if only in spirit, keep it up you’re courage inspires us all.

  11. I would carry shotguns and declare them at each port as necessary. A big hassle, but better than being tied up and thrown overboard by Pirates.

  12. Whenever I see that there is a new posting from SLV, I usually stop what I’m doing and watch – such is the enjoyment from following your progress. Take care,and thanks for including us in your adventure.

  13. hope the fish keep biting, another great episode, looking forward to the next one. Safe sailing.

  14. Hey Guys

    Helluva long way from land in a powerful open boat to be doin’ a bit of fishin’. That must have been very scary ?

    Respect as always to you both

  15. Sitting at my home office desk and always love getting a coffee or tea and watching your videos. We just love you both and wish you safe journeys and know you are enjoying the adventure. Much love oxoxo

  16. Great video guys ! Last few videos have had a much more personal feel to them or perhaps we’re just getting used to hanging out with the two of you 🙂
    Huge contrasts in a matter of hours – amazing fish strikes and everyone’s worst fear, scumbag pirates !
    Oh and love the cheeky shots, again it’s real life 🙂

  17. Awesome vid guys. I want to do the sailing trip around the world as well in the future but the only thing I fear is the Pirates. I have always wondered if you guys had any concerns about them as well. I guess you just have to take every precaution possible. I think, at the end of the day, if you let that sort of thing get the best of you, you wouldn’t step outside your door.

    Take care guys, you are living the dream.

  18. Hi Riley & Elayna…thanks for another great video. I’ve already watched it twice! Oh, to be on the ocean wave. Bit scary bout the visitors tho!
    Keep safe and have fun.

  19. Awesome Video, thanks for all you do for us Dreamers out here! However were a bit concerned about Elayna using Riley as bait from time to time, that’s scary stuff man! Good job, can’t wait for the next episode!

  20. Awesome video! Thanks so much!!
    Please watch the S/V Sea Wolf video of the pirates that surprised them. If Sea Wolf did not have guns, they probably would not be here anymore.

  21. Greetings from Texas! I just found your site and was excited to see that you are approaching the Galapogos. My Great Uncle used to sail the world and that was one of his spots. He brought me back a large painting done by Carl Angermeyer (this was in the 60’s) I still have it hanging in my dining room (beach scene with iguanas – kind of strange but good conversation piece). Anyway, I’m going to go back and read your adventures from the beginning. Thanks so much for recording for people like myself that will never see what you are seeing. It means a lot. Safe sailing.

  22. Hi Riley and Elayna!
    Great video gang, as always but I really think you are getting better at this as you both look more relaxed as you get along in your adventure! I was going to ask how much it costs to provision for this leg of the trip,and whether you can provision in the Galapagos for the next leg,or not?where are you off for after this? What was the alarm going off behind the electric panel?? Keep up the good work,have fun, and keep smiling! See you next time

  23. DONT CARRY GUN. More chance to get killed, and most of the country you will be visiting, will ask you to hand them over, so it is useless.
    At night in dodgy places Lock yourself in. Under way, make everything possible to avoid to be boarded.
    Have 2 wallets hidden, in 2 different place with money inside.
    Send a distress signal on the vhf and ask whoever answering to keep talking on the radio, alerting everybody. The more noise the better.
    If they manage to get onboard give them the 1st wallet, and pretend that is all. If they insist or become violent give them the second one. Hopefully by then they will leave the vessel.
    Hidding Elayna seems to be a good idea, just don’t say where on your video.

    If you ever sail to Broome WA, I would love to have a beer and a chat with you guys.
    Be safe.

    1. I dont like to be negative but absolutely no one shouls take this idiotic libby advice.

  24. I think when you are so far from being able to have others protect you, you must protect yourself or take the chance of something bad happening. After seeing the Orlando tragedy, I’d rather die fighting than just die being a victim. And a scary gun held while approached by unknowns may very well deter them. I think both of you should have access to them when a situation like that happens.

    Another idea is to both have tasers, which could stop someone from boarding or being able to get into Elay’s hiding spot. And, some of those zip-tie handcuffs could help secure them after zapping or wounding them so you can protect yourself without killing. Just don’t be afraid to use force when you are sure someone has taken the action to harm you. If you are sure its an act of aggression, then definitely be prepared to protect yourself. Too often those living in safe countries don’t realize how important this is until its too late.

    Another idea is to carry a big, scary, fake gun that is within easy reach, like a shotgun, or gun that shoots grenades (what idiot would attack you then?). Just making it visible while communicating with someone that approaches should deter most from attacking. Also make it visible to them that you are on the radio with someone, even if you aren’t, so they know their actions are being reported, or even recorded. Or just use the Jack Sparrow method and install some cannons for Elay to fire broadside if needed! Loving each episode. Stay safe! Cheers!

    (I also keep a wallet with a little cash and some expired credit cards, an older, decent looking but worthless laptop and a few other things hidden but easily found, to distract them from finding more valuable items, and a hidden motion activated camera to record anything done when I’m away.)

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