5 Long Days at Sea With Friendly Tuna, Dolphin Mayhem and 3 Amigos; Ep. 133

Jump aboard for our 600nm from Spain to the Canary Islands. We’re greeted by dolphins, some crazy fog, birds and a little tuna that hung around the boat following us for days. Welcome to the land of cactus’s and dusty towns. We’re so happy to have our good friend Josje joining us again! We’re always guaranteed fun times when she’s around. Check out her channel and follow her on her own unique path: Ramatree

Song Credits:
00:00 Dark Blue Sweater – Nick Cunningham
00:34 The River – Cat Clyde
01:34 California – Nick Cunningham
02:21 Jack and the Weatherman – Till The Sun Comes Up
04:10 Jangle – Black Dog
06:01 Hein Cooper – Rusty
07:40 Ashtray Gold – Adam Yoo
09:11 Hudson – Friends of the Bog
12:58 Dark Blue Sweater – Nick Cunningham

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Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

Comments 10

  1. Great video and loved the dolphins. Thank you for sharing and it was great to see Josje again.

  2. I could almost feel the sea breeze on my face during this one. Hey Riley I wanted to ask you about your internet connection. what service do you use, how good is the connection, and how much does it cost?


    Ray A. from Hawaii!

  3. Another great video from you guys. Hey Riley do you always dive over the side to check out the anchor? Most impressive I very rarely do perhaps I should get into the habit.

  4. Good vid, but you didn’t take advantage or the fog situation to explain to others the sailing protocol for sailing in fog re speed, horns and bells, cross referencing watch between radar and AIS. Would have been a good opportunity to teach others how this should be done.

  5. Video very good. I liked to see Yosher again in La Vague. She and Elayna together give an air of happiness and joy in this passage to the Canaries.Why you do not invite her to be an effective crew member in La Vagaa. Keep up the dolphin videos. I love you all more Jossje makes my old heart beat stronger. Love from Paulo Rio de Janeiror.

  6. What great pictures…we love living vicariously through you guys – loved the dolphins <3

  7. It’s always great to watch you two on your ventures ,some great videos ,hopefully we may run up with you some ware as we tour around , from the lost Viking

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