6 Degrees of Separation [Ep. 120]

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PATRON Erin O’herlihy!! Can you make it to Florida? Send us an email. Thanks so much for the support. After the tangled anchors drifting out to sea debacle last week we experienced last week, I sent everyone off to have some down time away from the boat. Daniel would go to Athens and then rendezvous with us in Malta, in particular though Elayna I thought needed a bit of a break. She and Kayla went to the island of Ios which is actually where Elayna and I met. It was a shame I couldn’t get there myself but we still needed to get the boat back La Grande Motte before leaving the Mediterranean and I knew from previous experience how difficult it gets rushing from East to West in the Med late in the season. Winter Is Coming.
To be honest its the least I could do. If you guys could only see how much time and effort Elayna puts into just one episode you would fall off your chair. I can’t edit movies like she can but I can sail a boat by myself to keep the team heading in the right direction.
I intended to sail solo from Greece to Malta but that was before I met Houmaid, one of the most interesting guys I’ve come across. After some provisioning and intense discussions about the weather, we set sail for Malta.

Song Credits:
00:00 Catherine – Rye
01:22 Jangle – Halves
04:02 Beside the Flames – The Fabric
05:42 The Myrrors – Tea House Music – The Myrrors – Tea House Music
06:45 In our Nature – Rye
08:46 Groove is in the Heart – Brian Jonestown Massacre
11:15 Floating Baby – Adam Yoo

Videos made by Elayna and Riley!!

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