‘A Day in the Life’

It’s not all losing fish and free diving ship wrecks EVERY day! This is our average day on the water when we are close to land. Sails are USUALLY easy and short from place to place and we are greeted by familiar faces of the yacht community upon arrival to our new anchorage.

We try and get a few jobs done in the morning like scraping the hull on scuba and fail (partially Cams fault for not giving us the cylinder adaptor to get a re fill… we still love you Cam).

We sail from ‘Portsmouth – Dominica’, south to ‘Rosseau’ another anchorage at the bottom of the island. We pick up Rileys dad and step mum who stay with us for a few weeks onboard.

We have a full boat for a few weeks as our Australian friends and family fly across the world to join us on La Vagabonde in Dominica to watch the cricket, Australia vs West Indies!

IMG_5414 IMG_5474

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.40.06 PM

Please leave your comments below on what you think of the episode! And if you haven’t downloaded your free guide to sailing, be sure to do so in the link below. Thank you to all of our Subscribers and Patrons for making these movies possible. Here is a little gift from us to you.


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Stay tuned…..

Love Riley and Elayna

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  1. Enjoyed the show and I have already pre-ordered your album. I’ve also got some of my friends to join your journey so we’ll keep spreading the word.
    Be safe and will look forward to your next video.

  2. Always awesome you 2, keep raising awareness on how nice life can be, how it can treat you so good 🙂

  3. I didn’t mean for that? Always enjoy your videos and music thank you for sharing have a great day or evening cheers .?

  4. Great stuff as always. The morning tender to the beach and run looks idyllic. Thanks guys. I’d never think to check a swinging mooring like that either. Good tip. Look forward to the next one, and the album. Good luck.

  5. Love you guys so much!You really helped inspire me to sail. Now that I have the boat just needs a fixing then I’ll be on my way! Thanks for the videos, they are great!!!

  6. I’m always willing to help out for great entertainment. And you guys certainly provide that. Never have I watched without a big smile on my face. My !st mate and I are a little more baudy than you 2, like the time I stuck her ear with a fish hook, then after cutting it out, yelled at her for making a bloody mess on the deck I had just cleaned. (You can imagine the words that flew after that!!) Always her first item of conversation at a bar when someone asks us about our sailboat lately.
    Keep a “Donate” link on your videos or website like S/V Delos does “Buy us a beer” Hopefully a lot of people will get a feel good chuckle and slip you a $5 or $10.
    Keep ’em coming

  7. I had cancer at 42, and took a trip around the world, planes, trains, and automobiles. Visited Sydney, Port Douglas, dove the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, up to Bali and on. Your trip reminds me of the true bliss of being a human being, free to enjoy the beauty in the breath, and the beauty of life. I am a lucky one in a million to get this rare cancer and survive it. That was 20 years ago before the internet. There are beautiful people everywhere. Individuals are wonderful. It’s groups with agendas, politicians, bankers, and such who are problems. One on one, people are great, just like you are finding out. Love to you both. Nice videos, of course. Jack Goldman, Minnesota, USA

  8. Great Episode! .. Keeping us inspired and motivated with our own preparations.. even though all still so far away for us.

    ‘Fine words butter no Parsnips’

    We will be out there one day too!

    Cheers and all the best

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