A Families Plan to Sail the World!

This is our families plan to sail the world.

Song Credits: 00:00 Ahead of Me – HUFRIKhttps://soundcloud.com/hufrik 01:55 Echo – Saint-Nobodyhttps://soundcloud.com/saint-nobody 03:05 Spuren im Sand – Windspielhttps://windspiel.bandcamp.com/ 05:26 Last Year’s Winter – Saint-Nobodyhttps://soundcloud.com/saint-nobody 10:24 Song I cover: John Lennon – Mother

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  1. gotta tell you, Lenny is the cutest!!! and Yeah! come to Maine!! We’d love to show you around, we live in Mid coast Maine, lots of fabulous sailing around here, especially Casco bay, and up to Bar Harbor and Southwest Island area. Just stunning!

  2. Great videos and I defiantly envy you guys… Love seeing your new videos and congratulations on the young man..

  3. A funny suggestion!!!

    Hi La Vagabond. <3
    Have been following from the beginning. Just love you guys.

    I just had a fun suggestion.
    What if you asked your viewers to make very short music intros that you can use in your videos.
    Let's say for example that you have a bowl with papers with different music genres and that you just reach down and randomly takes one of the papers and read it to the viewer.
    And it may for example say "country music" or "disco music" or what have you…
    And that will be the genre of music that the viewers will have to do an intro in for the next week or so.
    Then when you have gotten the music from the viewers you will use them as intro that week.
    If you get many different songs you can shift from day to day.
    And then the next week (or whatever) you randomly takes another paper with another genre of music that should be used as intro. Etc, etc…..
    This would just be a funny way to make the viewers interact more with you, and it has never been done before as far as I know.

    Much love to your whole beautiful family. <3

  4. Hello, your plans are very nice. However, Lenny has to go through infantile diseases. So, I think you should be at distances to allow for emergency health interventions.

  5. Hey, maybe you have been told this already a few thousand times but these kids can totally surprise you and begin moving around on their own and sometimes there is no warning. Thus, do keep that in mind as you go as boating has a few more (obvious) hazards than a normal house! Just showed this video to my two year old Holly and she’s pretty excited about the idea! We’ll keep watching!

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