A few helping hands after Hurricane Irma [Ep. 144]

Riley, myself, and two other boats drop the pick in southern Barbuda to volunteer in the clean up after the devastation of hurricane Irma. It was a real eye opener having spent time in the town, talking to the locals and seeing how progress on rebuilding the island was coming along. At this stage they say it is going to take them at least another two years to get back to ‘normal’. We also run out of cooking gas and have to resort too camp fires for dinner, which is always fun. If you’d like to help the Barbudans, here is a link to the video on how you can do that: https://sailing-lavagabonde.com/barbudacontactinformation/

Song Credits:
00:06 Becoming Melody – Alon Barak
00:43 Leaving Tonight – Peasant Moon
03:21 Fight or Flight – Sonofdov
05:22 Jenny – Mark Loughrey
07:53 Land Sea – Liam Wright
10:09 Only Room for One – Jordan Prince
14:28 You Are Not Mine – AVIS

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Comments 7

  1. Give a little from the heart…. hands get dirty helping some you don’t even know. Kudo’s

  2. Great video…just Excellent…Elayna…
    you’re the video-“Histi-ographer”… the grandkids will love it someday… 🙂
    you paid attention and learned alot from Chris being on board a while back…
    Helping those that are Helpless (during their time of need) Paramount in life.
    It’ll pay HUGE dividends up ahead…wait n see..
    life never a destination…but rather, the JOY of the The Journey…
    SELAH n mark

  3. Hi Elayna and Riley

    You Guys are great thank you so much for showing us that video of you helping with the clearing up of the Island, well done.

    Best Wishes


  4. Greetings Elayna and Riley,
    Once more, you are showing the world your human side – helping others in need is a model for all of us – who, like myself should do more of the same.
    BYW, did you get your tetanus shots?

    fair winds to the both of you.

  5. Well done with lending a helping hand to those in need.

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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