A Golden Moment… Our First Sail on our New Yacht! Ep. 80

We made it to France, only to figure out it was a Sunday and we couldn’t get the keys for the dock to go and see La Vagabonde. It actually killed us a little inside. But after some serious hours of spying going on, soon enough we got to check her out. She’s a bloody beauty guys and we really couldn’t be happier. Join us in La Grande Motte for the beginning of our new boat celebrations. A HUGE thanks to the team at Outremer for all of the hard work and love that was put into our boat. You guys are the greatest. Elayna and Riley xo

Photo thumbnail credit by the one and only amazing: Robin Christol

Check out Riley’s favourite book list!

Song Credits:
00:00 Wait Outside – Getgogetter
01:41 This Town – Getgogetter
02:55 Change your World (instrumental) – Amarante
05:46 August and After – Vancouver Waves
10:24 Home – Hollow Coves
10:56 Home – Hollow Coves
13:35 The Woods – Hollow Coves

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What software do we use?
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  1. Now I Listen to audible and I Love it. Best Thing ever happened to me, especially on Long drives.. thanks for the Idea!

  2. Congrats guys! If you are ever in the New Jersey area, love to have you visit the Ocean City Yacht Club, in Ocean City, New Jersey, USA. So happy for your wonderful good fortune. Thanks for all the great videos!

  3. Fair winds and calm seas,dear Elayna and Riley !
    I am sure you`ll have a lot of enjoyable miles under your new cat !
    Congratulations !
    And – keep smile !

    Love and light your way !

  4. So frikkin happy for you guys, wishing you many many safe adventures and look forward to countless more videos….

    Bon Voyage!!


  5. Well Elyna and Riley, looks like you’hve become real celebs, all very emotional. CONGRATULATIONS!
    From my heart and soul! Here we’re looking at a young couple who have achieved a very inspirational way of living, and I’m going to admit that I wish I had had the same opportunity. Although, (not totally lost the opportunity,) we’ve got our dream boat it’s just a case in getting ourselves ready mentally to make THE decision to cut ties with the quotidian life style before it’s all too late!!!! Take heed all who wish the same!

    Your last shot of s/v La Vagabonde was very sad, me,( being very sentimental over something that has given amazing memories,) would of had great difficulty letting go of faithful Vaga!!?
    So now your going to have to show some muscle with a new build, I hope your sentiment to start all over again
    Is fresh. Because taking on a new build can prove to be more trying than a vessel that has already been reliable.
    I’m sure “Outremer” will guarantee a great adventure. Not only for you guys, but for me, will take awhile
    To appreciate this new story. I hope the magic hasn’t gone !!!

    Keep being your simple natural selves, which is important, and I think is the key to your success.
    Sending a last, very distant hug to S/v Vagabonde, (don’t forget her),…….she taught you so much,
    And to s/v Vagabonde II, I can only say “Bonne Vent”, and enjoy as you did with Vaga I,…we’re curious to see the difference in sailing a mono hull to a multi or double hull.

    AH…Dear Elyna, maybe you should compose a piece for Vaga I, and II!!!??

    Well GOOD LUCK! I hope we see you in our waters, who knows.
    Lol Fiona & Nello

  6. Wow and wow! I am so excited to share your journey with you! I am also going to try audible books!
    You are both inspiring youngsters.

  7. Congrats… I am glad you have friends with you to share this impact of your overwhelming success and happiness. This is awesome! I wish this new chapter for SV Vagabond to be full of the happiness like today and boatloads of magic moments ahead.

  8. Congratulation you two, We are really happy for you… Cool that your finally in La Grande Motte.
    Nice town La Grande Motte, been there last year at the Multihull exhibition.
    Anyhow we wish all the best and fair winds and who knows we might pop in to each other if your planning to sailing around Sardinia.
    We have Bareboat rented a Leopard Cat from the 20th of May.

  9. Cant wait for you to Visit Newport RI, USA the US Sailing Capital of our world
    I’ll buy the Calm Chowder at the black pearl
    Congratulations, she is a beauty

  10. I’m so happy for you two. You must be constantly asking yourselves, “How could we ever have expected this three years ago?”

    And I’m really looking forward to the tour!

  11. Disregard previous two comments- I see the end where it’s an Outremer 🙂

    But post this:

    Beautiful boat, for a beautiful life. May you always have a genital wind to your backs, with plenty of Sunshine.


    1. Post
  12. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing it all with us. Safe travels and fair winds on the awesome new boat!

  13. Just ordered, “The Old Man and the SEA” for my son with Autism. I am so hoping he enjoys the CD! Your adventurous spirit, positive energy and clean, addicting-entertaining videos are a relished rarity! Sail on mates!

  14. Oh my we are so happy for you two! I can’t wait for the new adventures!!! Do you have a plan as to where you will be going? So awesome!!!

  15. All best luck on next stage. Really great series. Hey, you have a link to cameras at the bottom of this page, but seriously are these the video cam you hand hold for so much of your shooting? Which actually is the camera you do most of your hand-held selfie videoing with?

  16. Wow, all I can say is you have come a long way babies! Don’t loose your youth and keep enjoying, enjoying and enjoying. It is contagious, you know. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

  17. Congratulations again Riley and Elayna! You’ve worked so hard for this moment, all the best of fun with that beautiful new boat

    Thank you for all the wonderful videos and fun!

    Seriously, hope you consider doing a “Bilgey! Tshirt/stickers and such” 🙂

  18. Wow! I love it and I could not see this boat going to a more deserving couple. All your hard work and excellent editing and production is paying off. On YT you guys rock it! I look forward to all the new videos as you guys learn to sail the new cat. If you are ever near the coast of Florida, well do let us know here so we can come see you.

  19. amusez vous bien et bon vent on garde un œil sur vos aventures bisous de PARIS

    PS: Elayna je donne des cours de guitare et je recherche une des cours d ‘anglais si tu vois ce que je veux dire 🙂

  20. I can’t imagine containing all that excitement. I can see how grateful you 2 are for this wonderful adventure.

    Happy Sailing and I am so looking forward to following along.

  21. To a most wondrous, Couple / Team. You have kept my dreams alive with your generous and gentle sharing. I learn something with each episode of your

    adventures. Hemingway’s ” The Old Man and the Sea” on Audio books is a definite for me to get soon.

    God Speed – may you always have fair winds and following seas . From land locked in Florida.

  22. Elayna, what you doin’ girl with those treaded heavy shoes on a brand new cat ?

  23. I love you guys and am so happy that you are aboard your new home! Safe travels – keep up the great work!

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