A Mad Rush to the Annapolis Boat Show. La Vagabonde’s here!

Hey everyone! We have scheduled videos whilst we’re currently sailing the Atlantic. We still have so much to tell you before the Atlantic!! Hope you’re enjoying watching our progress on our website: http://sailing-lavagabonde.com and enjoying reading our journal posts on FB & Instagram. Links further below. Love Elayna
Well, we managed to get ourselves and La Vagabonde to the Annapolis Boat Show.. a huge thank you to everyone who came and waited for hours in line to see us. We honestly feel so very lucky to have crew like you guys! What a week.
Checkout Randy and Jordans channel, a huge thanks again to you guys for helping us film the event. ??? https://www.youtube.com/learningthelines (So sorry! We said Untie the Lines by mistake)

Song Credits:
00:21 River Winding Through Your Hands – Cat LeBlanc
04:02 I Am Soyuz – Still I Fly
06:29 I Am Soyuz – Run Away
07:47 Double – Meadowlark
12:15 Beauty Breaths – Michael Beattie
14:56 Malfunctions – KOPANO
16:29 Finally – Vilar

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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  1. I really enjoyed this video. I feel even jealous that I couldn’t meet you guys! Like always, be safe and enjoy every minute. Love you guys!

  2. Hi you guys been following you since just before lenny was borne. My name is derek and i thought i was clever and adventurous sailing my 20ft trailer sailer witch is a sonata to rottnest . Ran into some pretty shitty weather when i sailed her home back to mandurah that was when i saw you guys taking off into the horizon thinking naaa not for me dont like the big swells and stuff you guys have to deal with . What adventurous lives you guys are having good luck hope the weather stays kindfor you all best wishes Derek clitheroe from nanga bush camp in dwellingup WA

    1. Yeah, what’s about GRETA??
      Do ya hide her? Does she make her second sailing trip undercover – w/o PR at all??
      Cannot believe…

  3. Thank you for all your videos, and congratulation to find a way of living without having to work for such a long time.
    Wish you good luck for you and your little child. Always the best weather and low waves 🙂
    But by the way. Since some weeks there is a fake news within the internet, that you have some special guests for your journey to Europe. I could not detect any pictures comments or video of Miss Thunberg or her father or another person except you three,
    If I am rigtht, Miss Thunberg has been planed to go with you. But finally she did not.
    So I assume that she toke another opportunity to cross the atlantic ocean. (Think about a plane or something else) .
    Sailing takes time, needs knowledge and requires practice. All of them is not the case of Miss Thunberg.
    Am I right ?

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