A Month of Sailing in New Zealand. Trip of a Lifetime!

Wow. We’d heard sailing the New Zealand coastline was going to be pretty epic, but we really had not expected such beauty. Sailing the rugged east coast from the Bay of Islands down to Auckland and back was quite the adventure. This weather is still going to take us some time to get used to. Join us in the longest SLV episode ever made!! It took me a bloody long time to make.

Lots of love, Elayna and Riles.

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  1. WOW! Hope’s Abby is working out… seems like the videos and audio are a lot more crisp and clean… lot of work in this~~~ LOVE IT!!!

  2. Elayna, you and Riles have a charmed life. What great stories you will have for your Grandchildren someday! I love your boat, it looks very roomy on the inside, not what a non sailer like me would initially think from looking at it from the dock. I like the can do attitude you guys have. You just charge right in. It appears that if you don’t know something, you have no problem researching it or asking others for advice. I have learn a massive amount about sailing yachts just from watching your videos. Can wait till you guys get the Cat. I want to see what you do differently to handle that beast! Plus see how stable it is in the water. Thanks for sharing your lives with us Elayna. I look forward to your vids every few days!

  3. New Zealand part one was great to see you both sailing again. To bad about Abby but you either don’t or you do when it comes to boat motion. Looking forward to part two and thank you for posting such good stuff.

  4. Fantastic video!! I’m a fairly new fan from Nanaimo Bc Canada and have become a regular follower of la Vagabond and your travels. Keep up the good work!

    David Torney ?

  5. Brilliant storytelling and full of interest and nice filming. Feeds the need of an old duffer who’s boat is on the hard having osmosis treatment! If you ever roll up in UK waters we would be delighted to entertain you. Wishing you fair winds and great adventure. Respect, Roger &Susie Lee

  6. Once again, excellent! Hopefully in the next episode we see more of the villages around the Bay of Islands, Russell, KeriKeri etc.

  7. We love watching you guys from Idaho! We hope to be able to do something similar in a couple years after I finish my degree. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. So happy for you both. I enjoyed the longer format. It was a good change. But it would be a bit much for each episode to be this long. Mix it up. What I really enjoyed was your return to describing the history of places you travel to and the interviews with charitable organizations. It’s a kind thing you do to give them exposure on your channel. I love the “sail through the back door” feel. Watch some Rick Steves travel videos to get the off the beaten path feel.

  9. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    Have enjoyed watching all your video’s and following your travels. Fantastic…I too have had an adventure or two, having lived aboard a Spray 42 which I owned in Adelaide and kept at north Haven, worked and still do in Real Estate. Loved coming home to that boat for 3 years, eventually sailed her up to the east coast and sold her. Then went on to buy and own a Beneteau 351 in Turkey, sailed her to England over 12 months and sold her to return to Adelaide and work. Next, and most favourite had a Nautitech 395 Cat for 3 years in the Med, finally sold her in France not far from you In Port St Louis.
    Sorry to hear of Abby’s departure,
    If you would consider a fellow sailor to come aboard and help with the sailing which would allow Elayna more time for filming and editing, so kinda the reverse of what you were planning, I’m your man, Anyway regardless love your style, love what you do, fair winds.
    best regards
    Modbury Professionals
    ps..did make a movie of the last trip i did..through the french canals, Ramsgate to Capri, so can do a bit of editing and filming

  10. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    Following your travels and adventures and loving them, Sorry to hear of Abby”s mal de mer, can be a killer.. Sitting home in little old Adelaide With a touch of the green eye’d monster. loving what you do, Fair winds and if you need a new crew mate with experience Let me know,

  11. At first when I saw how long the video was I thought, “I’ll just watch 10 to 15 minutes each night over the next few nights”.

    Yeah, right …

    After the first few minutes I knew I wasn’t going to do that – watched it in one sitting and had a ball! Very enjoyable, lots of variety, lots of interesting and amusing characters, lots of “sailing through the back door” (as JB put it above).

    Sorry to see Abbey go, but great to see she landed an opportunity … as one door closes, another one opens.

    Looking forward to Part 2.

    Happy and safe sailing,


  12. Awesome guys…. Yes our lovely little coastline is “AWESOME”.

    May the seas be gentle and the winds kind…

    You’re both an inspiration…

    Keep living your dream with passion.

    Dave ?⛵?

  13. Abby, don’t give up on sailing altogether. Even the pros get sick. I was out of commission for the first twenty four hours of a recent ocean leg. It comes, passes, then you are golden.

    R & E, you guys are.. how do I say it.. oh yeah, legends!

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