A Race For New Music (episode 108)

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Hey Vagabonds and welcome to this weeks Sailing La Vagabonde Music Blog. We’ve found some super talented musicians that were kind enough to share their music with us, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you so much guys we appreciate your work immensely! If you haven’t seen it yet, the latest episode of Sailing La Vagabonde is up. The guys sail to the stunning Bonifacio, surrounded by crystal waters and beautiful terracotta buildings, before hitting some pretty unusual weather on the sail to Sardinia to collect the latest Patreon supporters. As Riley laments, it has been a long but rewarding journey. Enjoy Episode 108 is in the embedded YouTube player below.

Episode 108

This weeks artists are an absolute delight to listen to, from Cat Clyde’s great contemporary take on country western and blues, Simon Alexander’s mastery of emotive music writing and the soothing vocal melodies of Eli Blackshear. By the way, we actually have a SoundCloud account where you can listen to all of the artists featured on each episode, feel free to click the link below where you can follow us and listen to the featured artists we love. In the meantime you can hear this weeks artists in the embedded SoundCloud player below. Enjoy!



Cat Clyde – http://catclyde.lnk.to/ic

Cat Clyde’s seductively smooth voice conjures thoughts of a wild western saloon bar, complete with tumble weed, bar fight and burlesque. Insanely enjoyable music drives this scene, the slide guitar telling its tales of misfortune against the pulse of a drumbeat that may inspire mediocre air drumming attempts. Follow the link above to check out her nothing-short-of-epic album, ‘Ivory Castanets’.







Eli Blackshear – https://soundcloud.com/user-886099565

Eli has a buttery vocal that may as well be hokey pokey ice-cream if we’re going down that metaphoric pathway. Simple and catchy guitar sensibilities form the basement membrane of the growing storyline of each song.







Simon Alexander – https://soundcloud.com/simonalexandermusik

Swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander fashions a dense and enjoyable soundscape. Mesmerising guitar rhythms weave in and out of time as Simon hammers each tone down like a nail to a floorboard. Vocal harmonies detail solidarity while at times sounding like the result of consecutive nights shooting whiskey at the local dive bar (shout out to mojos in Fremantle). Keep an ear to the ground for this one and be sure to check out his debut EP, ‘Won’t Be Found’ released world wide in February 2017.








Thank you Vagabonds, its been a pleasure once again. Please holler at us in the comment section, we love your feedback. It’s also a good chance to meet the musicians, they’re always up for a chat. The biggest thanks to the bands and artists featured each week, you guys rule! Thank you for providing some awesome music for us all to enjoy.


Until next week,


Sailing La Vagabonde Music



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