A Race in the Rain to pick up our Lucky Patrons [Ep. 108]

Riley always talks about how the only thing that should be dictating your sailing plans, are the weather and repairs. When you have a schedule to keep, more often that not, things just don’t like to run smoothly. We would have loved to hang out in Bonifacio and wait for the rain to stop, probably rug up inside and watch a few movies. But no, join us for soggy clothes and wet hair on our way down to Sardinia. However, we’re extremely excited to meet James and Destiny and to show them what it’s all about!!

Song Credits:
00:00 Like a Wave – Cat Clyde
01:27 Her Song – Eli Blackshear
04:33 Like a Wave – Cat Clyde
07:23 Phoenix Fire – Simon Alexander – simonalexandermusik@gmail.com
11:33 Train Station – Eli Blackshear

Videos made by Elayna Carausu & Daniel Troyer

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  1. Loved this video…All of it! The “Castle Town”, was/is GREAT! Thank You. I hope to visit there one day myself! Looking for a boat now! Thankx U guys/gal, hope to see u soon when you replace Daniel. Ypu know, since he is getti.g his own boat, cpngrates to Daniel and great photo/videos. You need to start a vlog too. PS Will send a link to my site when its finished.

  2. Glad you are eating vegan………PBWF is where the health is;-) No processed oil including no olive oil as well.

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