A Romantic Sail across the Great Bahama Bank.. [Ep. 171]

A few days at sea, just Riley and me. We anchor in the middle of the Great Bahama Bank in the flattest, clearest water in the whole freaking world!! What’s also super romantic about this sail is our little chat about boat toilets and some horror stories from the past ?? has anyone else nearly died thinking they broke a boat toilet and would have to get someone, like your partner, to come in and fix it? Enjoy the video guys, we love ya! Elayna and Riley xo

Song Credits:
00:08 Country Time – Bill Beaumont
00:30 The Wild – Jordan Merrick
07:12 Shark – Elli Schoen
10:19 Running with my Eyes Closed – Izi Phoenix
15:45 I Notice You – Duncan Saige

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Comments 9

  1. I loved your comment “sometimes shit happens & ya just gotta deal with it” So true, it sums up blue water sailing…. At least on our boat, since I’m building it, there will be no one to blame except me when systems don’t work and they are supposed to…. Love your videos, they keep us inspired through our never ending build project, cheers Rustie.

  2. Great video!!!! My daughter just got out of some serious surgery.. went well but will be a tough post op course. Your video made me smile today during some stressful times. Dr Steve

  3. That was a really good video lol you told it how it is on a boat wow thank you I enjoy all your vids and my own little boat project is coming along take care lots of love to you both

    Alan xx

  4. I have always loved how the both of you seem very present. Being able to appreciate where you are, and the moments you are in, good and bad. Great videos, take a deep breath breath, of that great sea air for me. You guys are great!

  5. What’s going on? Riley seems to be losing weight and Elayna, well, is, for sure, gaining a kilo or two – – – Huum?
    By the way, how’s “Noah” for the Baby Boy?

    Lots of hugs,


  6. Yo, Riles… When you swat at a fly, remember, before he flies, he first has to jump backwards, so aim for a spot behind him and you’ll score on the first attempt 9 times out of 10. As to stopped-up toilet: I’d be tempted to hang my bunch over the transom, get that faraway look in my eyes, and relax. Might scare a few fish, but what the hell… your excavations are biodegradable. Dan and Kika discuss the issues in detail at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o-ng0Jc36U&list=PLx_mGFQfb39FRLFgmfdJhD9gAzlim5NPR&index=141.

  7. I’ve seen all 171 episodes in the last 3 weeks. Well done Elayna & Riley! Both of you, the La Vaga, the scenic land, and the sea – so charismatic!

    Many of us here in the USA say we must flush twice -because it’s a long way to the White House in Washington, D.C. :¬)

    Riley, I’m glad your choice to marinate worked. But you should know that sh*t floats! :¬)

    By now in real time, you must be apprehensively waiting for the baby’s appearance. When that happens, Riley, be cool, otherwise the baby may ask for his old room back. :¬)

    Be well, and let us all know that Elayna, the baby, and Dad are all well as soon as you can.

  8. Yup….if you have a toilet on your boat it will give you grief sooner or latter.

    Trivia, In days of yor….the old ships had a rope going out to the tip of the bow sprit called the John Rope. Under the sprit was a net. So the Sailors would go out and squat over the net and do their business while hanging on the this rope Hence the term, still used today……”Going to the John.”

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