A Sacrifice to the Sea Gods [Ep. 137]

Happy half way day from us, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! We’ve come a long way and thing’s seem to have taken a turn for the better out here. We celebrate with good food, wine, and a spontaneous decision to cut the locks that turns into a sacrifice to the sea gods, in hope to finally be blessed a with a fish… how this will work, I’ll never know.

Song Credits:
00:04 Hugo – Slow Burning in a Dancing Room
00:34 Michael Dunstan – Red Moon
02:03 Mark Loughrey – Jenny
03:22 Evntho – Summer’s Gone
09:22 Liam Wright – Castaway
17:59 Mimi Gilbert – Give All

Videos made by Elayna

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What software do we use?
Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

Comments 7

  1. In last few postings, I have been unable to view your video “ full screen “ when selected. Notice seen says web browser does not support full screen.

    I live in Toronto, and enjoy the video updates very much.

  2. Another great video Riley and Elayna … lots of “life on the boat” shots, and La Vaga is just eating up those sea miles 🙂

    I understand that this video is well in the past, but I’m really glad to see you’re recovering from face-palming the chair. I can’t help wondering if that jump off the aft of the boat when you hit your head might not have helped?

    Riley, it looks like you have the Watt&Sea Cruising hydro generator – maybe you need their Racing model?

    Elayna, your shoulder-length hair looks lovely!

    Cheers, and safe sailing,


  3. Love and Prayers for you guys from Hershey Pennsylvania. Let me know where to send some chocolate bars for you if you wish.
    GOD Bless you always,

    Jerry Stephens

  4. Riley – I suggest you keep your day job – hairdresser for ladies is not your calling – you did not cut it horizontally, mate! no big deal!
    Lovely video – you are charging ahead at what? 15 knots?
    Elayna, doing a fantastic job, managing everything while Riley is taking it easy – you are one impressive Lady ( notice the upper case “L”)

    Bravo to the both of you!

  5. Really enjoy your videos and following your travels. Has always been a dream to do what you’re doing…not sure if it will ever happen, but glad I can follow along with yours.

    Wanted to ask a question. Other than the times Riley is leaning over the stern, I never see either of you wear a safety harness or pfd. Do you wear them and we just don’t see them on in the video’s?

    Happy sailing!

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