A Solo Mission in Paradise [Ep. 142]


Upon arrival to this new island, we were completely wow’ed. We already have a good feeling about Barbuda and we’ve barely seen the place yet. Riley joins his mate George for a spearfish and I agree to drop him off in the boat and go back to Cocoa Bay around the other side of the island and anchor by myself. It’s funny how after 4 years I’ve never had the opportunity to take La Vagabonde anywhere solo. It’s always been the two of us, or Riley solo sailing while I take care of work on land etc etc. It was an incredibly empowering feeling trusting in myself to do what I already knew I could do, but was a little too scared to take that step and try. A shout out to all the solo sailors out there! I think you’re all amazing. Next goal of mine is to take on the deeper water and miles!

Song Credits:
00:00 Woods – A Chior of Ghosts
00:36 Like the Sun – Jon Tessier
01:33 Nobody gets me Down – Krijn Vos
03:21 Hussy Hicks and Raphael White – The pen, the light, the hope
05:21 Leaves – Jangle
09:03 Hussy Hicks and Raphael White – The pen, the light, the hope
11:14 Matter of Fact – Hussy Hicks and Raphael White

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  1. we love that you have developed the skills to be able to single hand. It’s a really big confidence builder. No other feeling like it on the earth, except maybe sky diving. Enjoy and enjoy the BVI, be sure to get to Virgin Gorda. The bitter end is /was a wonderful place to visit. Sat hello to the crew at the local dive shop for me. Till then, fair winds and and safe passage.

  2. I’m in the process of purchasing a catamaran. I have also been afraid to try anchoring it on my own. Elayna, you are my inspiration!! Thanks for the timely video!

  3. Enjoy the Caribbean i love all of it .jost van dyke very nice .bitter end. Nanny Key.have fun.Cheers

  4. Elayna, well done in taking command of La Vagabonde! For the last 4 years you have been ‘subconsciously imbibing’ the sense of command (to borrow a phrase from Nicholas Montserrat), so it was no surprise that you could seamlessly transition into the captain’s role.

    All the best, and safe sailing,


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