A Week Onboard in the Wonderful West [Ep. 176]

We’re anchored here in west Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. We had planned to only stay one night, before heading off to a bunch of other islands, but we found a little slice of paradise and decided we had to stay longer. Join us as Steffen saves a baby bird, we welcome onboard my friend Meg and we take you diving on one of the most beautiful coral reefs we’ve seen in forever!! Videos made with love. Elayna and Riley.

Song Credits:
00:00 Chris Watkins & The Drunk Poets – Broken Gate
00:32 Fernando Ferronato – Maluco da Bicicleta Entre Sonhos
03:13 Fernando Ferronato – Visão Turva Paisagem Oculta
11:02 Clothesline – Fellow Hollow
12:41 Amarante – Change your World
14:38 Eunoia – Andrew Rothschild


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Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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Comments 6

  1. Riley, killing as much fish as you
    possible can, is not a good way to spend your time at sea isn’t ?

  2. I am 71. I grew-up on the beach surfing etc. in Southern California. You both are very beautiful BUT I hope you are taking precautions against the ravages of sun exposure. The girls at my beach were magnificent looking and much appreciated but this was before we knew much about the effects of sun on the skin. Most of those beauties now have severely wrinkled, and leathery. Most of our crew in fact all, have some kind of issues with cancer, pre-cancer and sun caused vision problems. PLEASE take care to protect yourselves and soon, your baby boy. There are many fine methods to protect from sun damage. I wear long sleeve solar protective shirts and light cotton pants etc.. They actually look good and little effort to strip and dive in and when the sun is low…..go for it. Cheers, Chris

    1. Chris, I too have celebrated the 50th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I too have expressed sun exposure concerns in the comment section of Ep. 175. Moreover, in Ep. 173 I asked Elayna and RIley for asylum aboard La Vaga because the lifestyle they have chosen is for the adventurous willing to take risks, and at 71, I am more willing to take risks.

      Up to recently, Elayna and RIley (E & R) were willing to take risks – something Elayna has admitted in a previous video. But now there is a 3rd life they are responsible for. Both Elayna and RIley are smart, and they will figure out what they have to do to protect their baby and themselves. You know, mothers are more likey to acknowledge dangers and then to adapt. Elayna will be no exception. Riley will follow suit.

      Life aboard La Vaga will be very challenging to E & R when Lenny starts to scoot and then walk. Safety, inlcuding sun protection on La Vaga, will become a priority.

  3. Hello again was looking at your position on maps. I have a prediction something about an interesting type of fauna you will find in the berry Islands, possibly some rare flower can’t really say . Can’t wait to see these little islands. Saw the vids with your friend and her van life video that I watched which was cool (Ramatree) got some insights, you guys were hilarious waiting for Riley at the airport for so long, then losing steam after waiting an hour and a half, then trying to drum up being excited again. I Have a cousin in Ocala florida with 50 acres, is close to where you are, It was frikin freezing in Huntington Long Island N.Y. last night, shalom Stevie

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