A Yacht Called Cynthia (part II)

If you haven’t already read Ian’s story, we recommend you read this first: http://sailing-lavagabonde.com/a-yacht-called-cynthia/
It’s an inspiring story which you don’t come across too often. After reading Ians email in response to the winning patron call out we smiled, laughed, cried and took the time to really appreciate what we have.

It was great to be able to revisit this story whilst we were in Australia and finally see Cynthia back on the water again with the family. Thank you so much for your support Ian and for the courage to share your tale with us. Also a huge thanks to Andrew (his son), for helping us co-ordinate the surprise and working with us on getting together some footage for this little doco.
We are so happy to see Cynthia back in the water and looking so beautiful. Fair winds and following seas, hopefully see you out there on the water someday.

Song Credits:
00:42 Nine – Andrew Rothschild
04:10 Matter of Time – Joe Mungovan

Editing of this doco was done by our pal JP, checkout his stuff below!

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Comments 26

  1. Exactly why I watch you. You have told us stories about pirates, islanders, blue ocean passages, and fellow cruisers. Thank you for sharing the story of Cynthea.

  2. i loved this.I still have my 1984 C&C Landfall38, and I couldn’t bear to part with her. Hope all your sailing memories are as sweet as ours are Harry and judy Adams

  3. He’s a cool guy, buying a boat back and redoing her in his wife’s and families memory. He likely lost money, but he knows its not all about that to enjoying life, he’s on a different level. Enjoyable vid, take care guys.

  4. Simply…that’s what it’s all about…to be touched by our passions and sharing our experiences with others.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a touching story! I’m sure in length I would have gotten a better understanding about Cynthea. In such a short film you did an amazing job capturing the Love her family had for her as a person.

  6. As someone with Motor Neuron Disease that story hit hard, for which I am ever grateful to you for making it available. Having sailed since the age of 5, at 65 I am now an armchair sailor and thank you ever so much for enriching my life. Wishing you fair winds, following seas, and much joy in your lives.

    1. Hi Guy…I am sorry I have just seen your comment. Apologies for not responding sooner. Although Thea had MND we did enjoy our lives. Thea was very practical and was always looking for ways to improve her situation day to day, and to share those discoveries with our circle of MND friends.
      We humans are good at adapting..for better or for worse. If an armchair sailor is what you can manage….so be it and all power to you. Next time I take Cynthia out I will think of you. Happy to send you some pics of her if you like..my email address is IMclean1@optusnet.com.au
      Fair winds to you as well Guy….Ian and Cynthia

  7. You folks make your subscribers feel like we are old friends. We feel as if we have met you both and you leave us looking forward to our next meeting. Thanks for being “as you are”, which is both entertaining and admirable. Living my sailing dreams through you, happy & safe sailing on your return to La Vaga. Stan

  8. Its great to see you two giving back as this is a fantastic story! Nice surprise Riley…BZ!!

  9. WOW what a cool story – and one day your sons will take possession of the boat and still have their parents with them

  10. Wow. I had chills running through me watching this, normally a spot reserved only for good music.

  11. Great to have a heartwarming resolution to the earlier story – good on you Riley and Elayna for making the effort to see Ian and family. Nice to see Cynthia is back out where she belongs 🙂

  12. Hi Guys…Thanks for the doco. I’m sure I’ve seen or read it previously but well worth
    a second viewing. Makes me realise how lucky I’ve been.
    So, I hope you are coping with life on land for a while…traffic,crowds etc etc.
    Keep up the great story telling and stay safe…have fun.

  13. Nice story, thanks for sharing it. I think it was fate that Ian found his old boat and put it back to sailing. I wish him many hours of bliss.

  14. The look on Ian’s face when Riley walked up … he was blown away by that! Great to see Ian with Cynthia back on the water.

    Thanks for the video Riley and Elayna … you’ve made my day!

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