Abandoned Mine Ruins on a DESERTED ISLAND! Ep. 152

We sailed to Sombrero island, the most interesting deserted island with ruins dating back to the 1800’s. Sleeping on anchor with the sounds of all the birds was other worldly. Definitely worth a visit if you ever get the chance!!

Song Credits:
00:06 The Big Idea – XXXVII
00:36 Tear Me Down – This Modern Hope
01:31 Cog Shift – A Familiar Place
07:32 Jack and the Weatherman – Captured
11:35 Jamie-Rose – Agnes Water
17:11 Fai Rynita – Ocean

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Comments 11

  1. Hey guys… Love your videos!.. Only problem is when I watch them on your website I can’t “Like” them.. No button that I can find? Cant help thinking you guys are missing out on the kudos you deserve? When I get the chance I go to youtube and do it there but can’t help thinking that many wouldn’t bother.
    Keep making the awesome vids guys. I’m a land locked sailor living vicariously through your adventures! (Until I get another boat ?)

    1. Post

      Hey Ken! To like a video, you need to open the video in YouTube by clicking on the title or the ‘YouTube’ symbol. Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. I noticed you go forward to furl the jib or any of your code sails. What is the reason?

  3. I’ve been watching your videos for over six months. Love them…
    When you make it to the Dominican Republic, if you would a place to stay for a couple nights, I have a house in La Romana. You can keep your boat at Casa de Campo resort and villas in the marina, Oscar (a friend of mine) is the dockmaster

    1. Post
  4. Another uniquely beautiful video – great! So much fun to voyage with you, vicariously ( Thank heavens for auto dictionary!)

    Where do I find the “thumbs up” icon

    Love to all 4 ( maybe 5, who knows!) of you.


  5. Absolutely first class. Once in while, when you make the effort to get out and about, you come across a place that makes an unforgetable lifetime impression. Also, tip of the cap to all the hard work that i know goes on behind the scenes. The other thing is, being a lifetime monohull sailor, im amazed at the scorching speeds lavaga seems to spool off with no effort.

  6. nice ta see ya liked anguilla and area. i have a place there and feels like christmas every day xo

  7. Nice little Jack Crevelle you speared Riley. They are delicious.

    Another wonder full video Elayna.
    Thank you

  8. Another Great E & R video… Love it that you show all the various parts of the boat during different parts of your sailing…
    also really enjoy the two of you so appreciating one another and actually expressing…will go a long long way when the little one arrives…:-)…
    Stephen the incredible 1st mate and team player super good personality and interaction…. Wonderful to have a great, close, friend as him on board…
    Riles you’re right on target living in a place as that to collect your thoughts and just contemplate everything whilst living off the land…
    It’s the adaptability in life that makes the journey so so worth while… and flexible…
    SELAH mark and soon a new addition as well 🙂

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