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  1. Just wondering how long La Vagabonde is, and who was the Manufacturer? Your adventures are a dream to many people!

  2. Just discovered your video and posts yesterday (or, “Yistah-dye”, as they pronounce it Down Under.) Amazing. Inspirational. Keep it running. Best video series I’ve ever seen. As they say down there, Good on ya, mate. (I’m listening to Elayna C, as I write this. That Sheila’s got talent! Fair Dinkum. That’s all the Aussie I know. Cheers from Canada, mate.

  3. I just want you guys to know, I have been so worried. I came home from work every day looking for an upload, just to know you were still afloat.
    I am so thrilled at this last video post, I know you made it one step closer to a dream come true. Congrats on a job well done!

    1. Hey Reuben! Thanks for your message! We update a little more regularly on our instagram accounts if you’re interested.

  4. Thanks Riley and Elayna for posting the GPS map. That’s way cool. Keep it up. Sail safe.

  5. Fantastic trip…glad you guys are safe. It would seem to me there might be some thoughts of…maybe this trip wasn’t such a good idea. But of course now that you have made it to where you are -you can’t remember thinking that!…lol. Press on mates and good sailing.

  6. Hey, were nice trip and vids, congrats!! I just wonder two things mainly:
    Why didn’t you install a wind-driven self-steering-system ? And how much fuel and water did you take with you for the pacific crossing?
    Thanks, Mainzel

  7. I just wanna’ start by saying how much I love you guys and the adventure you have embarked upon. I enjoy your videos, music, and the kinship exhibited in everything the two of you do together. I wouldn’t change a thing. I wish you nothing but the best in all your future endeavors and look forward to many years of sharing them with you.

    And now a philosophical question: The 2 of you seem to be very honest & honorable folks. How do you justify sneaking into resorts and “pirating” their services? These services cost the resorts money to operate, and do they not deserve to be paid in return for those services? Would it be no different than someone taking Elayna’s music album or any future movie or book rights you both might have without paying for them?

    Please understand, I am not judging or condemning you, nor am I pretending I am above doing the exact same thing. I just wonder how you “stay on an even-keel” in your gut with the knowledge of even the smallest of dishonest things such as this?

    I hope you do not take offense to this question, as these are some things I myself am struggling with while trying to keep clean the path I am on to be a more conscious human being and the impact on others I leave in my wake.
    Just some food for thought.

    Again, I love you both and wish only the best for you and your chosen future together in this adventure we call Life.
    Be well & keep the wind at your back!

    1. Hi Boondawg,

      Things aren’t always as they appear mate.

      I’d be willing to bet that the resorts may actually be getting the better end of the stick here. Let’s face it for the tiny amount of services Riley and Elay actually use while sneaking into these resorts and then translated to actually lost revenue. I’d think the exposure that the resort gets being exposed to nearly 400k subscribers (organic growth and reach into the millions) is an awesome deal for the resort. Most of these resorts could only dream of that type of exposure and most certainly can’t afford that kind of advertising dime. So in my humble opinion, the resort owners are beneficiaries of Riley and Elay’s sneaky adventures. As the old saying goes “one hand washes the other”. As a side note, I’d be able to sleep at night with that kind of deal, just as if somebody ripped Elay’s music but shared it with a 400k subscribers. We live in a world where the currency is not always dollars and being compensated comes in many forms ; )

  8. Hi there! greetings from Tigre, (at the Delta of the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina)! I have sailed for many years on a 30 ft sloop I eventually sold to buy a 60 ft steel passagemaker trawler, which I have been repairing for the last 36 months! Your videos encourage me to go on in this never-ending task… expecting soon to “hit the road”. After having thoroughly tested the boat, I plan to sail to a group of islands near Paraty (close to Rio, in Brazil), and perhaps in two more years down to Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia) and the Malvinas (Falkland Islands).
    At the beginning understanding Aussie was quite hard, but after having seen so many of your videos, I am almost mastering your language ;-).
    If I may, please let me give you a couple of tips: (first is for Elaina) when the sea gets bumpy, ALWAYS wear foul weather gear when cooking (pants over the boots)! If you get spilled by boiling water, you will be protected. (This is mandatory on my boat) Second: Pressure cookers are cheap, prevent spills and SAVE BUTANE! Third: cleaning the bottom of the boat while afloat can be a pain in the butt…. UNLESS you get a couple of vacuum suction cups in a hardware store, like those used to lift large sheets of glass. Once attached to the hull you will be able to do a better job with much less effort. When not in use for this specific task, you will find many other applications for this gadget! Fair winds and following seas!

    1. Hello Cosme,
      It seems to me that you are gonna start your adventure soon and I wish you all the best meu amigo.
      Best of luck and wish you to have great moments…
      Devrim as Orsa Sailor

  9. Hi,

    Love your video series.

    Question: What did you guys do professionally before setting sail?

  10. I wrote this a while back and came across it today and it brought you guys to mind. thought I would share it with you. happy sailing, you guys are my heroes. thank you for your bravery and inspiration.





  11. I love your Videos. I heard about your vids through a BVI sailing forum and pretty much binge watched till I got up to date. Then I saw a link on UT ube for those wealthy NYorkers with Cheeky Monkey and am working my way up to Panama so far.
    BTW, I prefer your videos. Cheers to you two and I hope all goes well for you and your ship.
    Maybe you can even meet up with CM crew and do a joint video? You can trade them some ice for another autopilot.

  12. Thank you for your great adventures you both always share.
    Here is a song for your next epic cast away.
    Just maybe I will one day hear it in a video of yours, that would really be something : ).
    Oh.. and I just purchased the trucker hat. excited about that one.
    Drift and fall again (featuring lola marsh) kill the noise remix

  13. +Sailing La Vagabonde . Congratulations for your shocking success ( more than 30.000 US$ per month ) … Riley , it will be very helpful to us , to let us know , about your sailing experience before buying the boat ( it was some 10 days ? With whom and where about ? ) and your first days , Sailing la Vagabonde , before meeting Elayna . There is a whole year of Sailing la Vagabonde , we know only some kind of money issues about . As “the beginning is half of everything” , we would love to know about how you dealed with sailing , anchoring , mooring , insuring “La Vagabonde ” and getting from Bari area to Ios . You did all these , alone ? with others? (sailing issues , are the ones that we care about ) . Fair Winds to All :)

  14. Accidentely found out about La Vagabonde two days ago… and I am sooooo hooked up now!!
    What an incredible adventure with two amazing and inspiring people!!
    Keep up the good work, you guys are doing it wonderfuly✌?️

  15. Great videos and I am looking to do the same thing in 2 years time. If I wanted to send you something by post, where would I send it so you receive it at your next stopover?

  16. Hello from Arizona USA ,What a wonderful thing you two are doing ,I have a lot of catching up to do on your videos,so
    far I have truly enjoyed them.Be safe and stay afloat ,you are wonderful and amazing and inspiring people,Take care

  17. I recently got my sailing license in Spain and to celebrate my wife and I rented a 43 sailboat in Palma, Mallorca and sailed for a week, sleeping in small coves while anchored. It was a life changing experience for the both of us and we were very excited to see your YouTube channel and smiled when you mentioned you sailed to the Balearic Islands as well. 🙂 Keep the videos coming, and safe sailing adventures!


  18. I found about you on Brothers Green. I have now watched all of your videos and follow you on facebook/Instagram. I love the adventures. Please continue to keep us all posted and be safe.

  19. What a life! Always encouraging to see people that have worked so hard to live the dream and to be able to share it for others to enjoy! My dad and I always said we would sail the Pacific, and now the whole family is hooked on your videos.
    Wanted to leave a little comment to recommend one of my favourite books. ‘DOVE’ by Robin Lee Graham.
    If you haven’t read it already, not a long book, but very insightful and I’m sure relatable to your everyday life.
    Safe Sailing!
    Sarah 🙂
    Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.

  20. Talk to me about motion sickness (sea sick)?!! Your videos have me considering something similar but i get sick just trying to read a map in a car! Is this something you overcome or should i forget the sailing gig?!

  21. Hi Riley , hi Elayna!
    My Name is Daniela from Austria and on the first of October I start to sail around the World with my Boyfriend and our sailing boat El Toro.
    I like your videos very much and so I was wondering how the communication on board is working. Can you please let me know if you only use Internet on the Islands or with which system you are working. We also plan to make short Videos for our Facebook Site and we are interested in every information!
    Good luck to you and maybe we meet each other around the World 🙂
    Best greetings Daniela

    1. I am also curious if you are able to link up to satellite internet while sailing. What type of service do you use? How much does it cost?

      1. The easy way today is Iridium Go… Slowish (2400bps) but works. Good for SMS, basic emails, Smaller GRIB files, automatic Position tracking, Emergency calls and basic telephony. Works as as a local Wifi Hub, so works with smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.

        Pricing depends on countries, available asa prepay or subscription service.
        Iridium is upgrading their network (Iridium NEXT) to support broadband services, to be launched end 2017. New modems and services will be available. Watch the space as other services will drop in price or become obsolete.

        The other way I’ve used in the past was my trusted SSB and an SCS Pactor iii Modem. The system is more expensive to buy; is cheaper to operate; is more cumbersome and more technical; a General Radio Operator Licence is required; it consumes more power (SSB + Pactor modem + Computer) but is also more versatile and is also faster (2-4x) than Iridium Go.

        When near shore, a good active 12db Wifi Antenna and Wifi router is a must. The inexpensive Alfa Networks series work well for me.

  22. Almost two years ago I was in Malta walking along the harbor and notice your boat with this name …few month after I discover on youtube your video. What a nice trip you have done since!

    1. Hi Helena!

      Did you end up finding them? We have started a music blog as well as crediting them in the description of the videos and adding them to spotify and soundcloud playlists.

  23. Riley, congratulations on your lone passage to the Bay of Islands, thanks to bilgie for keeping an eye on you, he or is it she sure bought you good luck with the weather. Elayna has been shedding a few tears over you two being apart and I know us guys don’t handle these things well, but come on telling her you would happily do the same again was maybe not a good greeting. I know you said with a glint in your eye you were looking forward to having a meaningful talk with Elayna, fingers crossed this goes well, whatever you do it’s better with two. The new Vagabonde looks the business hope they fit a wind generator or will they leave you to fit the boat out for live aboard long distance cruising.
    I got this from another u tube blog, adding a few lines myself if it helps you out!!
    Whether the weather be fine
    or whether the weather be not,
    Whether the weather be cold
    or whether the weather be hot,
    I want to weather the weather
    with us being together.
    So will you be my wife
    and make me happy for the rest of my life.

    Wishing you fair winds and good sailing.

  24. vous êtes simplement les meilleurs on a hâte de vous voir sur la catamaran outremer dans de nouvelles aventures
    love sailing la vagabonde forever

  25. Hello There!
    We are a couple from Brazil and plan to sail on a Catamaran around the world in two years. Understood that you have a new CAT now…
    1- A Patreon pays US$10 per new video? How to get the bunch at once ? (I have seem from Ep one to 56 but would to have all of them at once?
    2- Were to see dates (ship-log) so we can plan better our own trip?

  26. Hey guys,
    I wait with baited breath every week for your new adventures, I love your music and especially love the fishing/diving/exploring.

    Watching you allows me to escape my life of living with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), it is amazing what some sailing can do to help elevate the pain, and yes I often find myself living my life through your adventures. I live constantly in pain and therefore I am on my own very different journey, but simply being able to watch the both of you achieve so much from day 1 is breathtaking…

    thank you and keep up the amazing work

  27. Greetings from Houston, Texas! My husband and I have been loyally watching since spring of 2015. We are newlyweds and have had the dream of sailing around the world (with our future family) since the day we met on his sailboat. Your videos are our favorite to follow and help keep our dream alive while we work to get out of debt and fix up our first boat. You guys are an inspiration to us and we absolutely LOVE watching your adventures! Happy sailing and here’s to maybe meeting up somewhere around the world! -Tom & Amanda

    1. Awesome guys! Congrats on tying the knot 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and we’ll see you out on the big blue! xo

  28. Hi Riles
    We’ve found when hauling the mainsail up, if you lift the boon with the topping lift it’ll ease the slides and that sail will be at the top before you break sweat ! Once it’s set just drop the boon and you’re away.
    Can’t wait to drop anchor next door one day
    Emma and Ali U.K.

  29. Hello couple….I´m far from a computer/smartphone person, and not sure if is this is the way to send you messages, as I see you reading live coments..Just wanted to recomend Tarifa (most southern town in Europe thus Spain as well) to organice that meeting you are proposing. Tarifa has all those good vibes you´re looking for. At the end of September it is quite quiet, but there are some turist activity still going….Beautiful beaches, great food, lots of wind as it is windsurf and kitesurf best spot in Europe, that will bring great oportunity for you guys to show top performance of your “dinggy” to the people you invite. PLEASE CHOOSE TARIFA

  30. Hi Elayan and Riley,
    I will start by saying how much I admire your success and how much I have enjoyed the videos of you, that I have watched.
    So I went on facebook to your site, I left a comment, and was immediately jumped on by your loyal fans who seemed to think I was trying to put you down, not so, it was just a question that interested me, and you encourage people to ask questions when you talk on your video.
    The question was, why don’t you use nautical terms for the parts of you cat.
    (a) is it because you don’t know them ( which I’m sure you do)
    (b) or is like my wife, she loves to call golf clubs, golf sticks, just to irritate golfers.
    (c) or is it cool when you are young (I’m 74) to be different, like saying bad, meaning good.
    I’m just interested to know, I will continue to follow your progress, fair winds and happy sailing, Ian Harwood.

  31. Hey guys, love your vlog, just discovered it today and will certainly be following your adventures from now on! Do you have a timeline of your travels? Just curious as to what your routes were, what time of it was year, how long it took you and what boats you were sailing (I saw a sailboat and the boat you are on now).

    Safe travels!

  32. Something happened to your YouTube Channel. I get the message “This channel does not exist.”

    1. That’s a worry. We haven’t heard this from anyone else. You might have to give it another go on a different device.

  33. Hi Elayna and Riley! My name is Belinda and I’m from Mexico, I’m a huge fan of SLV and love watching you guys sail around the world. You guys have been a huge source of inspiration for me and I’ve learned a ton from you the past few years. After watching episode 140 where Elayna prepared this drink called Golden Mylk, which by the way Elayna your 100% right regarding all the benefits Turmeric provides, it occurred to me that maybe you guys would like to try this Turmeric and Chai smoothie we make. To provide a little context, I started a company three years ago with my family in Mexico of all-natural super food products for the on go lifestyle. We make three really awesome smoothies that I think you guys will enjoy a lot at sea since they are tasty, practical and really easy to prepare. Just add milk or water :.

    We have three smoothie mixes: Turmeric and Chai, Tropical Moringa and Macacao (combination of Maca and Cacao). They are delicious and 100% natural, no added sugar or unnecessary additives. The one made from Turmeric is in essence similar to the Golden Mylk recipe prepared by Elayna but with Chai and tastier. I’d be more than happy to send you guys a box with an ample assortment of these smoothies for your enjoyment at sea, consider it a gift from a fan. If you guys like the smoothies which I’m sure you will, I’d be happy to sponsor you guys with products. I can send them every few months to any marina you choose. You can check out our website or Instagram account for more information regarding our company and products. Let me know if you are interested at Keep sailing and spreading good vibes! Remember to stay safe! Cheers!
    Instagram @biobsuplementos

  34. Just wanted to let both of you know that I really enjoy watching your videos. I found them a few weeks ago as I was knocking around on the internet (I have always thought it would be great to learn to sail) and started watching from the beginning to your latest episode. Your videos are so much fun to watch and informative also.

    I have never sailed a day in my life (have owned a few boats but no sail boats). I am a helicopter pilot and notice that the way you sail your boat is somewhat like flying (weather, winds, tracking etc.). Thinking that when I move back closer to water (southwest Arizona is not known for its ocean views) I will learn to sail and have a goal of sailing the Caribbean.

    This Comment is getting long so I will close with “Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next adventure!”


  35. Ahoy from New Zealand! I love watching your videos, you guys are living the dream, I also just saw the movie Adrift and now I am hooked on sailing. Have you sailed the Red Sea? I was there last year and stayed in Hurghada with my family, it was amazing.

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