Guys, it’s been a massive adventure. And like any story, it’s filled with a series of events fortunate, unlikely, frankly a little crazy in hindsight. We’re having a look back at when we first got started with SLV, so we can share with you a few of our thoughts on what it was like to put ourselves out there and take our big gamble. Even if you’ve been with us from the start, one of the folks giving us the push to keep going, there’s of course so much to what happened that needs a little going over. We hope you guys get as much out of it as we did putting this together and remembering where we came from. So, without further ado, this is how we went from messing about with Windows Movie Maker and flattening our batteries for some family home videos to where we are now, talking to you guys 6 years later.

If you’d like to hear us talk more about our future plans after our time in Western Australia, we discuss it in one of our recent live streams on Patreon. Due to a covid lock down where our boat is being built, we’ve had to change our plans (again).

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  1. It’s your life what I m looking for 15/20 years… Now I left my job to start an escape and a way to live without this stupid business and craziness on this priced world… Seee you guy’s around… In a boat I hope ?

  2. Thank you Elayna for taking those first steps, acknowledging and taking advantage of our ever changing technology. Without a doubt I would have taken the negative approach like dear Riley. You bring adventure to the dreamers and give those that push to start their own life changing activity. You two plus two more are an incredible inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your lives, your smiles, your laughs, your beautiful children, your dreams and for creating a family of good people larger then you could have ever imagined from all over the world. Peace and love to you.

  3. Dont worry Riley it’s gonna happen, you actually had me in tears for a (tiny) second, You’re the real deal and that’s why I love you guys. Heart is everything. Best of luck with this venture and remember it’s meant to be. peace out

  4. Congrats guys on a wonderful journey so far. Your videos were so different from early on, a couple of very natural Aussies rather than brash American posting sailing adventures. I have spent the last two decades running the AUS based charity I started after some tragic family circumstances, and had missed having my own boat and being on the water incredibly. So, watching your adventures helped. Thankfully, I came into some money a couple of years ago and was able to buy a boat – Beneteau Oceania 34 – again, that I now sail in the Whitsundays as a break from my charitable work, and when it’s not chartered out. I haven’t been a patron as all my funds were going into my charity for disadvantaged kids – New Beginnings – with little or no government assistance. Keep up the good work guys, and best of luck on your new adventure (boat + kids)!

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