ALL HANDS ON DECK as we Make our Way to the USA [Ep.162]

It’s all go go go here onboard La Vagabonde. We run into a few dramas on the main island of the Bahamas checking in and out of the country on the same day (you know how much we love doing that). It was as if we didn’t follow the correct immigration procedures or something ?. Join us for another humorous hop skip and a jump to the United States of America. We’re excited to meet a lot of you guys!!

Song Credits:
00:00 Circles – New Towns
00:34 Awake – Martin Piehlmeier
06:20 Purple Haze
08:27 Song for Luka – Colm O’Reilly
12:15 The Wild – Jordan Merrick
14:42 Cruisin with the Blues – Chris O

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  1. As always love your videos – and definitely going to check our La Vagabonde mum. Glad to hear that you are getting advice on your first pregnancy. I remember my first, I was scared to death, but I found some good books that got me through it, and of course my own mum. When she was born, I was almost afraid to hold her – I was afraid I would drop her – funny how this comes over you when you are suddenly in charge of a tiny life, so fragile – like a china doll. I suppose if I was a soul in heaven waiting to come to Earth, I would definitely pick the two of you as my parents – if I could. What a great life this child will have, with super awesome parents!

    1. Post
  2. Hi R&E
    Customs and Immigration, dont you just love them !!
    Different procedures, different forms, different information required, different processesing, different inspections of different equipment and all differing from the information advised on their website!
    All for the same 2 people on the same boat that has the same, same, same as the last port, plus most of the information required is on the clearance papers !!
    I sympathise with you as its a painful experience
    Pity its not globally standardised

  3. I had a chuckle when Riley said countries shouldn’t greet you with guns. Mark Bacon (patron) and I have been living in the Middle East for 12 years and we have it all around us. Started in Brisbane (home) 2.5years Darwin (bloody great for kids to grow up) 5 years Saigon, 5 years Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (great beach life) 2 years Kuwait, 4 years Riyadh and now Amman Jordan. Our 2 boys did their primary school in Darwin/Saigon – high school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – both priceless. Mark is a Rockie boy and me, an Adelaide girl calling Brisbane our forever home. I absolutely love your work. Riley send me an address and I’ll send some good quality boardies. As always and I have said before I just love your work. PS Motherhood has been one of my greatest achievements with breastfeeding the most useful. Cheers from Jordan.

  4. Hey Guys. I am heartbroken that I couldn’t make the trip to fla to meet you. Good luck in the states. Great video. My best. Dr Steve

  5. Hey Guys,

    Love your vids…I’m a long time subscriber…But…the subtitles are really distracting! I always find them super annoying. I realize there are people who may need them, but yeah, loose ’em if you can!

    Farir winds etc!

    Craig from NZ

  6. Good stuff guys!
    My boat is coming out onto the “hard” for the winter, I’ve kids your age and my missus is a midwife-educator.

    Elayna… good luck with the “Mum” channel I’ll let her know you’re there and it’ll be inspirational.

    As you both, or is it three? Always are.


  7. Hey are you guys heading and where close to Mazatlan Mexico? Just started watching yiu vids.
    If let me would kive to meet and donate abfew bucks.
    Safe travels

  8. Glad you guys breezed through the check in. LOL. Seriously, the worst part of most people’s experience in going to the USA is the customs phenomena. I went through it, though I am a Citezen of the U.S.
    After living in Europe for five years, I had to get visas for my wife from Great Britian, and our three children that were born while we were there.
    The custom/immigration service did not want to let us in the country for fear we would stay. (They were right fo be afraid, because that is exactly what happened) . But, to get visas, we had to prove we had jobs to come back to, contacts and freinds who vouched for us, etc., etc, etc. I’m sure you ran into the same crew we did, as they are all “baked in the same oven”.
    However, as we found, once you get past the point of entry, all the unpleasantries soon fade from memory, and the actual inhabitants of the land are quiet freindly. In no time at all you will find yourselves in the company of new freinds, and involved in the daily activities of life, and make yourselves “at home”. You
    will both love the experience.

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