R9 (Daily Vlog 15 of 21) It has com to my attention that people DO read the descriptions. Thank you all for your comments in my last vid (R8) I read them all. I should organise a comment of the year thing. Thank you, I really felt like I was just typing off into the ether until now. Ok so what I’m thinking of doing here is creating a small but powerful group of people. What we are going to need though is a name and a collective noun because we are hardly just a group are we? I will put one out there straight up. The “cult of the description readers.” What do you think? Needs a little work. Banal. Yes. I’m very open to ideas here. What we need is 1. a name 2. a collective noun like a gaggle or a murder. Please leave your ideas in the YouTube comment section.

Song Credits:
00:08 Hocus Jumbo – Red Sun Rising
05:13 The Lunatic – Louis Trinidad
07:25 Salud [outro] – Andrew Rothschild 

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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Comments 18

  1. For you, rather than for publication.
    One of your strongest episodes was the visit to the little restaurant run by the Spanish ex-pat, and one of the best parts of the episode was the camera lingering on the paella and tapas as part of the party. Food is always an important part of travel writing/taping, and I very much liked that scene.
    But it also brought to mind how many opportunities like this you miss. A bite of the “famous Bora Bora burger” or whatever it was? All we get is a comment about getting sick. A visit to a chocolate shop? Can’t have any dairy. Perhaps the new videographer is an omnivore and can help expand your culinary reporting.
    You guys are great, and I enjoy your videos every week, every day this week.

  2. Thank you for another great show. I just love watching them all… will give some thought for a name 🙂

    1. Post
  3. Great editing on this one team. ?
    I’m sitting on my little yacht, tied up in a marina, going nowhere, been nowhere, feeling like a shit sailor. Love your vids. Inspiring! If I can only remember how to untie those docklines…..oh, and grow a pair.
    Cheers ?

  4. Hello guys, Elayna I saw your name and I realized that is an Romanian name. If you want to visit Romania, you are welcome to stay at our cabin for a few days. Thanks, Adrian.

  5. I feel that, in your adventures, you both are seeking and achieving a sincere embrace of introspection and mindfulness in the midst of your wondrous and delightful experiences. I feel I’m participating in these adventures with you both; I get to be onboard too. Thanks for that.

  6. Okay mate, so some of lurkers read watch and listen. Not just for the scenery but because we have done blue water sailing and have a love for it. As for a name of a group of lurkers? No idea. Cheers from Mississippi in the USA

  7. Great to see the adventure unfold video by video day by day. Enjoy the journey I will do it myself one day.
    How about “Vlog Bloggers”

  8. The Blind Hive. It has a hostile tone and lends to the limitations of our circumstance. Both are clear descriptions of comment lists and internet friendships.

    PS. The single handed sail has been a real highlight for me. Carry on.

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