An Epic Journey Across the Ionian Sea [Ep. 115]

We hoisted main behind us shrank Sicily, eastward bound, cross the Ionian Sea, four scoundrels, nary an air of worry, barrel to the brim, bearing north the cardinal buoy that be cardinal sin, Jack be nimble, Riley be quick, bring FOOTAGE OF THOSE WHALES BACK TO THE SHIP! And you, stand fast ye lubber we’ll handle the sail, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the tale.

Song Credits:
02:10 Travelling’ – Jordan Merrick
02:58 Sail Across the Ocean – Rory Laye
04:41 River Winding Through your Hands – Cat LeBlanc
05:51 River Winding Through your Hands – Cat LeBlanc (ummm… you’re amazing girl ??) –
09:44 Chelou – The Quiet
13:26 River Winding Through your Hands – Cat LeBlanc

Videos made by Elayna!!
Additional filming by our man Daniel

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What equipment do we use?

What software do we use?
Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

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  1. You two and crew are darling. I always have the biggest smile on my face when I watch your videos. I reach back to my 20’s and think about carefree days. Wind at your back….Myrabelle.

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