And so the Adventure Begins! (Elayna)

(Daily Vlog 2 of 21) Bye bye Australia and my lover, for now. Riley and I separate for different adventures. Mine being a LOT less adventurous than his adventure! Abbey and I would be staying in the Bay Of Islands – New Zealand awaiting Rileys arrival from Tonga. His single handed sail from Tonga…. looking out my aeroplane window while we were flying over that large blue ocean made me nervous, but very excited for him 🙂

00:05 S: Nine – Andrew Rothschild
02:08 Jack the Fox
03:42 Vilar: Finally
04:42 Vilar: See You Again
05:12 Salud (outro) – Andrew Rothschild 

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. Thank you for all of your great vids. I’ve watched them all . I can’t wait till the next one gets uploaded.

  2. Yes. Dreading this day really. I suppose you get a million dollar sponsor and you have to be a bit different. Like, have some random camera people around you (jules, and this new chick). Then maybe they want to have a few more people around you to make sure Elayna looks just right. Maybe lighten her hair and doll her up a bit. Very happy for you guys that you are able to sign a big deal, but the authenticity is going to hell. Cheers, and fair winds…..

    1. Post

      Hi Jason, I’m sorry you feel that way. We are leasing a boat but unfortunately we have no million dollar sponsor… I think having people on board teaching us some new camera skills is a good thing. Nobody likes change but we would never be here if we didn’t branch out and jump on a yacht with no sailing experience. We feel we would be letting ourselves down if we didn’t try to better ourselves.

      1. Bah…don’t worry about the negative stuff Elayna. People should be here to follow you both on your adventures and anyone who’s ever adventured knows that you’re not adventuring all the time. There are times when you need to take a step back, analyze, retool, prepare for and take the next leap forward.

        What has happened over the last few years is we’ve been spoiled with some amazing videos and moments from your channel so a change is like having the wind drop while sailing. Not much you can do about it, but sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

        Sounds like you have some goals for the next year so I know I’m looking forward to finding out how you folks are going to get there.

        Cheers & safe travels,
        Stittsville Canada

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  3. Great experiencing your travels , its only made my dreams become goals of a sailing life , enjoyed every vid thx

  4. Love you guys and everything you are about! So stoked your in our wonderful NZ. Are you going to be sailing down to the South Island? And where would you anchor? Would love to bring yas some Kiwi food, traditional Maori Hungi cooked 🙂

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