Appreciation for the Ocean (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 30

We leave divers paradise – Bonaire for our predicted 3 day sail to Santa Marta – Colombia. This passage is known for its wild winds off the coast of Colombia, ranking in the top 5 worst passages in the world. We started out with close to nothing winds and we got to throw the assy up for the first time since the Atlantic crossing. Ohhhhh the beautiful colours. This fantastic weather kept until we were a few hours from arriving at our destination. Then it hit us! Saw some tuna. Unfortunately we didn’t catch any. Alfred hasn’t been all that loyal to us lately. He’s in trouble. I hope you all enjoyed the ep 🙂

Made with love, Elay.

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    1. Don – If you go to their channel on YouTube you will find all the video’s they have published so far

  1. Love the videos guys! I saw the article you posted on Facebook, looks like you’ll be able to keep the sails up for some time to come. Congrats!

  2. We will be sending you an other small gift. I love following your adventure. You are a great couple as for your public image. My wife and I will be going back out to sea this year. We will be closing on a catamaran next month. I am in a wheel chair and love to sail. I sold my last mono hull a few years back and thought that the cat would make it a bit easier. I scoot on my butt to get around the boat but now can stay in my wheel chair more of the time. All the best to you both!

    Fred and Patty

  3. Hello down south! I hail from Ottawa,Canada and we just got 56cm of snow in the last 24hrs.
    I lived on grand Cayman Is. for 3 years and your videos bring back fond memories of the Big Caribe.
    Sometimes I close my eyes when watching your videos and imagine being there. Its a meditation for me, calming my troubles away!

    Fair winds, happy journey to you both.


  4. Thanks for sharing once again…good to see the weather carried you well !

    Appreciated escapism from my wintery weary here (Toronto,ON C)

    Be safe and good luck hookin a tuna


    1. Hey Dee. I’m in Hamilton and I sail a 25 foot yacht. Practicing on the Great Lakes this summer before doing Florida to Bahamas.

      Did you want to go for a sail this spring / summer since we are in the same waters ? Let me know

  5. Hey Riley, With the kite, run the sheet to a block on the very back of the boat then to the winch, and a tweaker half way up the side of the boat and the kite will fly a lot better.

  6. Hi guys, love your videos, watching them while outside is snowing. Hope you’ll have a great times in Colombia.
    Greetings from Ljubljana.

  7. Dunno if it was the coffee Riles but you were enthusiastic and great to watch (we still love you Elayna) another great episode. Jasmine said ‘oh he’s getting lollies to give to the kids they see on the way!’ Love to you both xxx

  8. Just wondering why you dont use a shackle to connect to the assem halyard? I think you will continue to cut thru and a good chance of your halyard coming back down to deck. Take care, good sailing, love to see your adventure. Steve

  9. I woke up rather low this morning with having very little sleep during the night and checked my emails with a coffee in hand to jump start my body and low and behold I received and email from you guy’s with the latest vid which cheered me right up.

    As always excellent vid and wishing I was out there.

    Keep the flag flying and the wind in your sails…


  10. Your videos help us get thru these cold New England winters. It was -6deg F on Sunday. Elayna’s CD was playing on the stereo. I’m working on the woodwork, Keep making great videos so we can survive the winters. Thanks

  11. Have you guys ever thought of getting a SUP board for the days the tender isn’t working so well? An inflatable one would store well on the boat too. I hope your next crossing goes well, stay safe out there!
    Cheers my friends!

  12. You guys are great fun! Glad to see things are going well for you. (Like the new-old hat Riley). Planning a circumnavigation myself starting on my 55th B-day (15 months away). Still looking for the right boat…unfortunately, most funds are tied up in business right now, so we’ll see. Have seen some great boats available on…Baba 35, HC 33T, etc., etc.

    Any NEW advice for a beginner? (And, don’t tell me not to do it! (I’ll not look back on my life one day and regret not sailing around the world.)

    You guys really are the greatest…you’ve reminded me what it’s all about.

    (One problem…I really don’t like sharks. They eat people!)

  13. Thanks for yet another episode – I look forward to watching you guys ! I see you have several followers from Ontario, Canada where we are all living through winter – our masts and boats are currently on their racks and cradles, so it’s great to live the joys of sailing through you !

    Fair winds and seas to you.

    sv Just My Imagination ⛵️

  14. Awsome! I was wondering when you’d post another adventure. Have ever caught a shark off the back of your boat?

    Love your video’s. Some day, I will be making my own journeys, but on a power cat. Luv ya guys, take care.

  15. I wish (almost as much as you do) that you would have caught one of those tuna.

    Any plans to head to the Galapagos islands?

    Also what microphones are you using the audio always seems so good.

    Wishing wind at your back and red sunsets ahead.

  16. Very Happy To watch your Sailing Trips Elayna and Riley – You Both Have a Great sense of adventure and a Positive attitude . Really Very Cool Videos . Thanks for sharing your Journey .

  17. I finally got my boat, searched for a year for one and finally found her. I have you two to thank largely, because when I feel like throwing in the towel, I watch your videos and it inspires me to keep pushing forward. Might see you on the waters some day!

  18. Greetings from the Great Lakes. I have been following your adventure since the very beginning. Your videos from Bonaire and this most recent one have been my favorites thus far. Looking forward to seeing your passage through the Panama Canal.

    Question for Riley-
    What do you do to stay fit while on the boat? Aside from eating fish everyday, swimming/diving and attending to various chores, do you have any specific exercises or a routine that you follow to stay in shape?

    Fair Winds and Safe Travels,

  19. You did it again, another great video and more beautiful sights on land, water, or at an anchorage. I’m glad to see you are inspiring a lot of people out there all over the world…keep it up…. By the way is that a magnetic chess board on the cockpit table or do you use velcro to hold the pieces in place? Ha, Ha, I wonder how many have noticed it, so long for now and as Roy Rogers would have said if on the water… “happy sails to you”……God bless you both..Capt. Dave.

  20. Hey Guys,
    That video was the best so far, I’ve had that same thought all the way through watching/reading all of the blog over the last month or so. I particularly like the music as you transition through a reasonable variety rather nicely, seamlessly, no jolts. Almost, … no, not almost, it is now professional quality sound.

    I recall you used a song by Rodriguez; “I Wonder”. I presume you found that song through the doco “Sugarman” because you are too young to have been around in the seventies when he regularly toured Australia or have purchased one of the number of albums he released. It’s one of *those* doco’s that really annoys me. It trashes the true story which is just as bloody interesting in favour of a sensationalised bit of … They don’t tell many blatant lies and the exaggerations are no more exaggerated than most doco’s but the omissions are glaring. As Robert Duvall said “Sticks in my craw”.

    Still, the doco brought back a musician and memories from my youth and more importantly introduced a great musician to the current generation, that is a good thing.

    But I digress, where was i? Oh, Elayna’s music. I like it. I presume you have a manager? You will also need a solicitor, the wrong contract can bleed you dry. I can recommend a bloke named Greg Macainsh in Elwood, VIC. He is also a musician, has written the odd tune and has had a number one hit (or more). He understands the industry and is a stand up bloke.

    Fair thee well,

  21. I’m totally addicted to your music Elayna!

    Just showed to all my friends, they simply loved it.

    Rilley, everybody likes you for being who you are!

    You guys are amazing!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Excuse me McDonald’s, but I’m loving it.


  22. Let’s start the campaign sailing la vagabonde on Netflix .

    The world need to discover this amazing show.


  23. Hello Elayna and Riley ..
    First things first !!!!!!! Riley , please DO NOT marry elayna , well at least not for a few more years yet , why you ask, so that elayna will still be single and to keep my dream alive !!!!!!!!! wishfull thinking on my behalf hey….
    Watching your videos of your adventures makes me happy and makes me think that there really are
    some nice people left in the world and for that i skull my jack daniels and sullute you……..
    So please when ever you’s get that crazy feeling coming on [ when you been on boat for too long ]
    take a class of wine or a nice stiff drink , skull it , and then yell out ” FIGJAM ” haha..
    Anyways keep safe and keep healthy …

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