BACK TOGETHER AGAIN ? Ready to take on the 7 Seas (#262)

Escape on your own adventure. Use our code: SLV20 and receive 10% off sailboat/power cat charters. Visit here for more information. ⛵️⛵️⛵️ [Episode 262] Yes we’re back, we’ve hit the big refresh button and great to have the gang back together. A big thanks to those of you who shared with us your stories and thoughts with us since the last episode. It means so much that we’re able to share some more sides to our story (and the tricky bits) and be received so warmly. Righto, on with it. We’re heading west again, back to the wonderful Lagos, as far west as we can go before we head back out into the Atlantic. We’re welding, we’re sewing and getting the house in order. Calm before the storm…

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Song Credits:
00:00 Chelou – The Quiet
02:27 bored – AKW
04:48 Jack and the Weatherman – Closer
09:03 Handmade Moments – Invisible
11:07 Sneakout – Light Me Up
12:53 Saint Nobody – Echo

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  1. Woo…. there has been a movement in the force between you both. Lenny will sense that as well and probably already has. You know its all healthy, these “transitions”, we are not the beings we were yesterday having this human experience.

    Change does not take place with the same mindset that created it. So we have to change the way we think in order to change……right. As a bloke from down-under I find that hard to do, woman are often way more intuitive to these shifts in life. Its hard for men to let go of habitual behaviours and so much has shifted in the last year alone universally around that energy.

    This is life and its lessons keep coming, do your very best to please the feminine (Shiva and Kali spirit, with a hint of Lakshmi) she will reward you, to resist is futile 🙂 But …..if you do knowing you have done your best will enable you to move on. However it’s now, in this moment where the opportunity exists to metamorphosis again together!

    Keep your eyes peeled !

    Love your work 🙂

  2. I’m soooooo happy that my favorite pirates (AKA Riley, Elayna and the incredible Lennie) have teamed up again – I was about to take to drink to wash off the sadness of seeing you 3 drift apart – thankfully, my fears were unfounded, and I can go back to (Yuck!) tea- by the way, I think you are great cinematographers, story tellers and mariners – just lovable human beings with boundless goodness in their hearts – at a time in my life when things are a bit rough, your adventures, both nautical and human, are a more than welcomed enjoyment.
    Consider your self hugged, seriously.
    Keep safe!

  3. So glad your back sailing! Have really enjoyed your adventure.. Keep your great videos coming.

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