BAD WEATHER before we embark on a voyage south. ? [#281]

We’re in the not-so-terrible position of being stuck on the Azores. Our old foe The Weather has delayed our departure for Madeira but nevertheless we’re making the most of it. Join us for some roaming around on Faial and some of our last moments on the Azores for this trip. Lenny meets a goat and we’re getting ready for returning to open water sailing. It feels good to get back to the water and be working together as a team for some serious sailing. And with all the advanced telemetry and whatnot, sometimes you just have to flip a coin to decide which way to go. And also, let us know, can Riley sing? Are we due for a Riley EP?

Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show! You can listen to them all on our Spotify playlist

Music Credits:
00:00 – Ren – Pixie (Intro Music)
00:40 – Jack and the Weatherman – Peace
01:38 – Andrew Rothschild – Elysian
03:08 – Damnian Breath – Vis a Vis
05:17 – il-lo – Vega
06:14 – sugar water – Heeblay
07:47 – Canal 3 – Quincas Moreira – ???
07:58 – Ead Wood – Plum Cake
09:08 – Dilo Alto – New Interference
10:19 – James Walker – 2009
12:11 – Trent Herzman – All in Your Head
13:54 – Zi – Lighter feat. Chris Allen (Rap Music Video)
14:06 – Super City – Find You
18:16 – Shag Rock – Somewhere in the Middle

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  1. Yes Riley you could be a backup singer. It’s cool here in the states and I am enjoying your sailing adventures as always. Happy Holidays to you. Stay safe.

  2. Merry Christmas to one and all,

    Riley mate I think little Lenny can sing. But as a backup to Elayna it’s passable.
    Love the video’s keeps me on track.
    By the way I know you have been told this a million times already but from one Sandgroper to another you have one very cute little boy.
    All the best
    Paul D
    Perth WA

    PS: Oh and Happy New Year too.

  3. Always love to see you all having so much fun with everything you do, including trying to sing…Uh, not so much, you don’t want to break that new camera. Lenny is learning so many words and growing up so fast. Elayna, is beautiful as always no matter what she wears and she has a real voice to match her musical talents.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. 2020 around here was a bust. I would prefer to just blow it up.

    Seattle, WA

  4. I hesitate to comment on Riley’s vocal prowess since I don’t want to get on “the bad side of a wind.” Let me just say, Riley is still young and has years and years and years ahead of him. As for Lenny, you guys are in serious trouble with him…he is already a chick-magnet and you may find yourselves in need of some type of algorithm to block any questionable flotsam that might appear on his horizons. I don’t quite know how to express how much I love being a part of this journey of yours…it touches my heart, deep down in the azure-blue parts. Some day, I will send you my album, Hauling Home. Our band is called Yankee Clipper and we have been making music for 40 years…I think you would love it. Sending Love, Cliffy

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