Bad Weather but Good Vibes Ep. 19

Well, the title sums it up pretty well. Had some awful weather that followed us for a few days in a row. Not the worst we have had, but the worst we had experienced island hopping the leeward/windward islands in the Caribbean all year! But smiles returned to our faces once we got some sleep 🙂 Riley helps look for two men missing at sea after their boat caught on fire and they jumped over board in the night. They were okay and another boat on the search found them swimming back to shore. Apparently the fire was caused by something electrical.

We sail to Martinique where we discover some of the history after exploring the old town of Saint Pierre. Still on the hunt for a perfect straw hat for Riley. Every place we go. Cheers Jack for throwing that precious hat overboard.

Hope you guys like the episode. I certainly had fun making it this one!

Love Elay

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  1. Great video you guys! Keep them coming. My daughter is looking forward to hearing Elayna’s new album.


  2. Great episode guys. I thought that Riley’s solution to the fishing regulations was spot on. Keep em coming


  3. Hi beautiful. Just bought the album and listened to the whole thing. You have the voice of an angel. Thanks so much for doing it……. Can’t wait for the next one. Hang on to Riley eh. You make a perfect couple.
    Cheers from Canada!!

  4. Thanks for the great videos! You guys always bring a smile to my face. Love love love what you are doing. So real and so fun. Keep up the good work. Timo

  5. Tell Riles he needs a “Tilley” hat … Made bonus sailor, for sailors!

    If he’s interested, have him send me an email, and I will send you a link for a really good one I just got!

  6. Love it!!! Love all your videos!! Keep them coming!! Cant wait for you to get back on the water. Are you going to be stopping in Cozumel before you head into the Panama Canal?


    Benny & RC

  7. R & E, your tshirt arrived yesterday and today is payday so I finally ordered Elayna’s album! (wanted to wait until I upgraded my cell phone).

    I think for the next tshirt you should have your fans who are willing submit some ideas. I’m a web/seo guy so I’m good at putting together other people’s creative ideas, but I bet you have some creative fans out there, and it would be cool to see what all there inspiration turns out.

    Wishing you fair winds, great sunsets, good times and lots of lobster & mahi!

  8. Being an Islander myself, your fishing while on the bottom was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Love your videos.

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