Bit of this, bit of that, oh and Riley’s ALIVE!! (Elayna)

E7 (Daily Vlog 16 of 21)
Whilst embracing a delicious veggie stall on the side of the road, let’s all take a moment to appreciate a good home grown, CHEMICAL FREE garden. We should all try to buy organic when it’s available and if you can afford the few extra dollars. Horayyyyy. Riley will be here soon! Totally bummed about the sat phone dying as now there is no way of us communicating. He is very lucky to have gotten in contact with Keith out there in the deep blue. Thanks Keith for relaying the message!!! Another day without hearing from him and I would have called the coast guard not even joking…. hahaha 😐

Song Credits:
00:43 P’pa Carpenter – Vuelta al rancho
01:15 Feels: Paperhouse
01:48 Fai Rynita – Posh Little Town

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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What cameras do we use?
What software do we use?

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  1. Hey Rylie
    As you are now aware Sat phones dont always work
    However there is another option which is HF radio
    There are many maritime Radio Scheds. Nets every day
    Very reliable communication
    And its free after you purchase the equipment
    The only drawback is that a license is required and a bit of study
    cheers Jeff

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