I was warned. Various cruisers that we had met who had been in the area previously all knew what these pigs were like. People said to me “you watch out for them pigs son they’ll gitcha.” Alas, I did not listen. The bite through the shorts doesn’t actually look too bad but in the next few days will become a large bruise.
There are probably some people who are going to say that it wasn’t technically my ass and I will grant you that whilst it wasn’t exactly the area I would like to know if you would feel comfortable if a stranger rubbed you there?
Maybe the worst thing out of the whole event was the loss of one of my 4 pairs of good shorts. I have often wondered what people find so intriguing about these creatures, people coming from miles away to watch them. We really should have left when the big one did the poo in the water next to us.
Cheers. Riley.

Song Credits:
00:00 Time – Samuel Scott McCumber
00:41 Cardboard Blue – Vender and the Cobras
01:57 Dominic Bennett – Farther Down And Further Off
04:27 Michael Dunstan – Oversupply
08:39 Roll the Bones (cover by Elayna C)
15:23 Resurface – Martin Piehlmeier

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Comments 21

  1. I always love your videos. They flow so nicely and are fun to watch. After a hard days work, this is a good way to chill.

  2. So Happy for you two. Love you guys. Something I wish I had done many years ago instead of working and taking my 2 weeks vaca a year. Gotta pay the bills tho.
    Will be sailing BVI for 2 weeks next may 8 -20 if you guys are around. We will charter 2 boats, with a really fun crew. Hope to see you there.

    btw, would have hit the like button but cant find it, …..maybe that was on facebook .

  3. Another Excellent Vid.
    I would give serious consideration to biting one of those pigs back.
    There were some beautiful pork chops and steaks there. Chez Elayna has some good pork recipes I’m sure.

    Never a dull moment with you two.

  4. Hey loved your adventure with the pigs!! Totally agree they will bite and slime your dingy! I am down in George Town now so we missed each other. I don’t know what your real time position is but I will be there again in January.
    Love you guys
    Rivers on s,/v Pearl

  5. OMG. I have always wanted to see the swimming pigs. Not so sure now???. Great video guys!!! Your meals look great Alayna !!! Riley , keep that pig bite clean!!! I miss Alayna playing the guitar. Best, Dr Steve

  6. Great Episode! We love your channel and watch every episode !! We are big fans and fellow boaters (power for us cuz we are a bit older).

  7. Great video!
    Riley, can I send you a new pig-proof pair of shorts? Give me an address and a size – seriously.
    I may sound stupid ( maybe rightfully so) but I cannot locate the spot where the thumbs up is to be found



  8. Riley. Watch that bite. If you start gaining weight, develop a liking for wallowing in mud and a fondness & craving for truffles, you’re in trouble son!! Ha Ha.
    Great cooking Elayna. Your music & studio engineering & mixing is better than ever. Enjoy the Bahamas.

  9. Keep that pig wound clean !! When will JP and STEVE arrive. I know that Steve flies in and out of Staniel quite often, and I saw JP post about 5 days ago, that they were enroute (flying) soon, to meet up with you guys in the Bahamas. ENJOY

  10. In the 1960’s I has a pet pig that went fishing with me in a 12’dinghy in the Torres Strait. She ate the fish as they came off the hook. Could swim really well.

  11. Jame’s Bond would be proud of you with the vid of the gotto!! Yessss, keep bite clean!! Damn pigs get mean if you don’t feed em!! hell, they mean if ya do feed em! I didn’t like em either!! Like em better on a grill. Worth stopping there for the gotto. Peace.

  12. Riley, love the video, sorry about the pig bite. Also where did you get that green shirt? I would really like to get one like that.

    Thanks Ken

  13. I don’t have a Facebook account – is there another way to give videos a thumbs up?

    1. Post

      Hi Sam & Margaret, you don’t need facebook, if you click on the youtube icon, it will let you give it a thumbs up 🙂
      Thanks for watching!

  14. Great vid as usual, shame your vegos or you coulda made suckling pig outta the Bugger that bit you, just kiddin!
    Keep up the good work ??

    So you thought you could get away with eating bacon, the bacon just got you back. A small case of “pigarevenge” do not it heals quick.

    Happy sailing.

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