BOAT LIFE: 24 Hours at Sea! [Ep.271]

Learn how to freedive from the best of the best

Hey guys, come aboard with us as we get moving through onwards the Azores. It takes the whole SLV family to get ready and be sailing at all hours round the clock. And while Lenny’s sailing ability is naturally limited at this young age, we expect him to be sailing us around by age 6 and we’ll never have to take night shift again. In the meantime we are so blessed to have Andre crewing with us as we make it to the next island. We’re headed to Terceira and its capital Angra do Heroísmo where we get to explore a stunning 500 year old town. No adventure is complete without some food shortages, pragmatic menus and failed hunts, but that’s boat life. Thank you all so much again for watching and continuing to support our adventures, and welcome into our life onboard on a crossing.

If you know someone who can get Andre in the Volvo Ocean race as an OBR, he would be forever grateful if you emailed him:
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Music Credits:
00:09 – Young Robin – U
04:18 – Trent Herzman – Pictures On The Wall
08:02 – James Abberley – Honey & The Bee
12:25 – The Big Idea – Why (Why)
15:22 – The Dwelling Light – Ataraxia

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