BOAT LIFE: A Day in the Life Sailing NORTH! Ep. 230

Join us for a day in the life as we sailed north east to Block Island (in between Montaulk and Newport). We find some issues with the transmission oil which likely wont be the last you hear about this and Riley adds himself to the tooth casualties. (Lenny, Maureen, now Riley)

Song Credits:
00:00 The Big Idea – XXXIII
02:00 Rani’s Healing Garden (Evening Flow) – Stevin McNamara
02:25 Case Closed – The Fabric
05:26 Till I Fall – Jason Piquette
07:38 Sailin’ – Jordan Merrick
10:58 Footloose – Tom Owens
12:00 Maybe I’m Just In Love – The Little Lord Street Band

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  1. Hi!

    I recently watched this episode. I liked it for most part. One thing I want to comment on is the part of feeding the Mute swans.

    It is nice to have that close experience with wild animals. I am not sure what food you were giving the swans, but I hope it was not bad for them. Have you heard about Angel Wing Syndrome for waterfowls? I learned about it awhile ago, and I share this whenever I can. Here is link:

    It is good you guys try to be healthy for yourselves. Try to be same for the wildlife and Earth ?.

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