BOAT LIFE: A Day in the Life

Welcome to another special episode of boat life. Today we’re showing you a day in the life here onboard La Vagabonde. It’s been a while since we gave you a glimpse into our average day! So we fired up the cameras bright and early this morning to take you along for a sail, spearfish, a bit of work and cooking.

I had a ball making this episode for you guys!! So I hope you enjoy it ? Love Elayna (and Riles).

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  1. Ive seen that you have a kindle.

    I have tons of ebooks, something you’re interested in? I could upload them somewhere for you

  2. Love to see your videos!
    Always makes me feel that I’m their. ?
    Courageous and adventurous Vagabonds ?
    PS… Love your choice of music?❤️

  3. It’s really wonderful to have shared a day in your lives – thank you!
    PS: wish I was there to share that lobster! Yummy!

  4. It’s the simple things when sailing that makes you fall in love with it all over again. I remember my days sailing in Florida when I first fell in love with sailing after years of sailing with my parents. My parents loved going to the Bahamas and spending time with the people. Yesterday I pulled my motor, batteries, food, and anything that could freeze from my boat . All the work made me want to sell her..but then I watch your videos and remember why I do all the hard work. For me it’s harder because I sail alone. And yes ready her and tuck her in for the winter alone. But it’s worth it to take someone out on her for the first time and see them smile…And then today it’s snowing.?

  5. You two live a blessed life! I know we all take what we have got for granted. Pinch yourself an realise what you have got. I am sure you do. Modern day Lin & Larry Pardy. My sailing was never quite like that in the UK . Love Captain Mick

  6. I’ve always enjoyed your artful use of music, the right song at the transitions, the types of music, the intros. Beautiful stuff.

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