BOAT LIFE: A Tour of our Floating Home

Meet La Vagabonde, again. I thought it was about time we did another thorough tour of our home on the water seeing as some parts are left in the dark most episodes and it’s been more than a year since the last one! So feel free to join us onboard for a snoop around ??⛵️

Song Credits:
00:00 Adam Yoo – Dreams
00:42 Last Cigarette – Sense

02:13 Optimistic Homeless – Alon Barak
05:31 3 Boats,1 Sea – Alon Barak

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  1. On the question of how to home school. I Think if you want to teach timeless wisdom and not outdated bias, find books on philosophy. Also I think of the teachers I respected or listened to and it seems it was the ones that listened to and respected me and the ones that were cool and not totally annoying or insulting. So You could make things fun but also new and interesting, like some theatre which you guys are good at. On the question of discipline you’ve still got time but A good teacher (parent) is always fluid kind of like tai chi. You are reacting and also dictating always with kindness and patience. Also I think it is also wise never to underestimate what’s his name. What is his name? Bueno suerte Go with god.

  2. Start reading children’s books to Lenny now. When Lenny is old enough to hold his head up himself, place him on your lap and open the book on his lap. Let him look at the pages as you read. As he ages, he will be going to the books to look at. You must have a library of age appropriate books on board.

    Buy a crib monitor that allows you to see Lenny in the crib. A monitor in your bedroom and in the galley area will mitigate your anxiety.

    Develop a plan to keep Lenny safe when he becomes mobile.

    Work with your pediatrician to develop a plan to combat ear infections, colds, eye styes, rashes. Since Lenny will not be exposed to children’s illnesses by being close to other children, compile a list of illnesses and how to handle them when they arise.

    Sailing the Bahammas as your home base area will allow you to find out where you can anchor to take Lenny to be with other children for play time.

    There will be very stressful times ahead, but remember that all parents go through these things. No yelling at each other! Be positive – Lenny will hear your tone of voice. Consider your lifestyle choice – your worst of times may just be better than much of the best of times that we experience.

    Elayna must find time to be by herself, perhaps taking the tender to the beach for a run, or window shopping. So, Riley… you must set aside time to be with Lenny all by yourself. Your boat jobs may take a back seat to being a Dad. You just cannot do it all – so know your limitations as far as managing the boat and being a husband and father.

    Time flies, so a positive mindset during these early times of Lenny’s life is critical. Prepare for the day when Lenny asks for the keys to the boat. :¬)

    Use us to provide you with alternatives when you have uncertainties about what to do. Seek advice from all sources.

    _You two are smart_, so you will figure it all out.

    I have two adult children, a 6-month old grandson, and my daughter is expecting another boy in March, 2019. My wife and I have so much fun being with our grandson, Ben.

    Webhead USA

    1. O.K. so the woman know his name must have have been announced on Elayna’s website? Time for update wish me luck.

    2. O.K. so the woman know his name must have have been announced on Elayna’s website? Time for update wish me luck.

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