BOAT LIFE: a voyage to the sand bar of your dreams..

Don’t mind if I do.. Join us for a voyage to the sand bar of your dreams 

Song Credits:
00:00 Hugo – Slow Burning in a Dancing Room
01:08 02 Last Cigarette – Sense
02:18 Adam Yoo – My My
04:59 Ridges – Sense
07:16 Vipassana – Isaac Balson

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  1. Love your videos guys. Keep up the good work. When you going to sail into Sydney.

  2. Rilie and Elena ; Thank you so much for every thing you share , I written a few times about how I would love to sail one day with you and others, but what I am going thru doesnt make it possible for now…maybe in a couple years after I get my transplant and settled into my new way of living…just to spend 2 to 3 days around you two would be an absolute two are such an Inspiration to many who follow and watch your every episode , and since the addition of Lenny …I see such a Graceful turn in Both of you . I havent been able to afford to contribute to your cause …as I have been battling transportation issue’s that are a life line to my existence…but as I said ….once I get my transplant and get used to my new living restrictions and way of life….I hope you two are still sailing about and having Patrons aboard…Love you Two ( three)….as I would so enjoy learnin g a few things from you..God Bless ..and safe journey’s Charles Rutledge of W. Austin Texas in the Hill Country

  3. Awesome and inspiring videos. I look forward to each one and making my sailing bucket list.

  4. 50 years ago? Charts? Oh, yes, I think remember them. We even had electric light but the witch-doctor had to do a special dance. 😉

    More seriously, you look like you’re adapting well to life as a family of three.

    I don’t think my Moody 33 is up to a transatlantic voyage any more, so I’ll just have to be content with sailing the Clyde and Western Isles with maybe a charter trip to the Caribbean one day. I fancy the British Virgin Islands – I don’t recall you visiting there in your travels yet.

    Fair winds!

  5. Hi Elayna and Riley, I enjoy watching your sailing videos. You seem like a happy couple and family. I think your positive attitude has a lot to do with your success. Keep up the great work and safe travels.

  6. Amazing life you have enjoy every second ,you have a beautiful son too .



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