BOAT LIFE: Across the BLUEST SAND BANK to our own PRIVATE ISLAND! ? Ep. 213

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Hey guys, so we are safe and out of the way of hurricane Dorian which has completely torn apart the Abaco islands and is now wreaking havoc on Grand Bahama island (where we went diving with the Tiger Sharks). Todays video was filmed over a month ago. The delay is necessary because we live on a boat and need to be free to sail. We can’t believe what is happening. Peoples homes and lives have been torn apart and they are going to need all the help they can get. Global Empowerment Mission are currently in full mobilization to assist the NW Bahamas, specifically the Abacos. We have received hundreds of emails about this and after a LOT of investigation, we found and trust this organization and we think it’s going to be extremely effective. If you were thinking of donating we believe this is a good place:

AND THEN… they have a warehouse in Little Haiti, Miami that we can send things to. They people of The Bahamas are going to need:
– Generators
– Food (non perishable)
– Tools, hammers,
– Chain Saws
– Hand Saws
– First Aid Supplies
– Work Gloves
– Can openers
– Water
– Tarps
– Batteries
– Flashlights
– Diapers
– Baby Formula
– Sanitizing Wipes
– Toiletries
– Sanitizer
– Water Purification devices
– Bleach

You can send any of these items or order them from Amazon to:
Global Empowerment Mission
340 NE 59th terrace,
Miami, FL

Supplies can also be brought over from 10am to 7pm 7 days a week. The items will be sent over on planes and barges immediately!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Every bit counts. Like I said, they’re going to need ALL the help they can get. We’re thinking of everyone who has been affected. 

Elayna, Riley and Lenny. 

Song Credits:
00:00 L U M E N – Seabirds
00:45 Slow Train – Anthony Arya
03:30 Castles Fall – Trent Herzman
08:27 Forget Master – Matias Malagardis
10:18 Helium – Isaac Balson
13:31 The Magistrate – Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra

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  1. Glad ur safe, Riles would not let anything happen! Love the hat! Keep sailing, living, loving, diving. Luv ‘ya!

  2. Very happy you are all safe. Thanks for the recommendation for a good place to donate.
    PS. Elayna! My wife and I both went to the same place for our 13 DAY fast and detox. Love that place. Naturalistic Healing in Bali. Life changing.
    As is all your videos for my wife and I. Thanks.
    Tim and Jessica McCreary
    San DIego Ca .

  3. Great episode – Very balanced. Enjoyed the healthy influence with food and the exersicing. R’s sail set and mast rake was lovely. Thanks for the links.

  4. Elayna and Railei thanks to God you were safe when the hurricane passed through Bermuda. We were very worried about the danger you might face with a baby on board. I think you should either leave this place and look for a safer place or even give up the Boat Show and start coming home. The Pacific Ocean is less violent than the Atlantic. Be careful and God protect this dear family. Love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  5. The cutest baby ever and you guys rock in being a parent!
    I sailed single handed across the atlantic in 2010 and I think you rock in sailing, parenting, whatever stupid shit you do. As a sailor you have my utmost respect!

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