BOAT LIFE: Another Week in Lockdown

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We’re still here! Whilst La Vagabonde is still locked into the marina, we try exploring a few destinations by car. Andre takes quarantine precautions to a whole new level – see it to believe it haha!

Azores Footage Credit: Thanks to:

Music Credits:
00:02 Aviator Stash – Prescribed Television
03:39 Eastlove – Sunday Afternoon (Instrumental)
07:44 Tatono – Near
11:27 Jordan Merrick – Sailin’
13:01 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know
15:59 Anthony Arya – Is This Real Life

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  1. Greetings: Friends

    My wife and I have been watching your channel from day 1. We travel to South Africa Cape Town to work with the children and staff in the townships for 2 months per year. We live in Vancouver B.C. Canada and have 7 children between us plus 9 Grandchildren. We both would love to host you at our home in Stanley Park 50 ft from the ocean. No cost to you at all. Our home is your home.

    Best Regards

    David and Normande Waine

  2. We’re not planning on going to Azores any time soon, but would love to join you in the carribean sometime. We’re really interested in possibly living on a boat towards retirement. Covid has all of us stuck. We were supposed to be married on the beach in May, but had to postpone. Hoping to get married at home in the next month. Our parents brought us a marriage certificate with our original date on it as a momento, which I thought was funny. It looks like you having fun even though you’re stuck. Cheers!

  3. Greetings Elayna! Hmm, looks ‘bout time to trim them ahms?
    Love you both + 1 since Turkey!! Be well

  4. I really think this last episode is simply beautifully filmed – you three + Andre are doing a great job entertaining us during this crisis ( To be 100% open with you, I think Lennie is the star, by a fraction of a smile, I grant you)

    Keep safe!

  5. Hello La Vagabonde. Sailing and hiking the Azores with La Vagabonde crew sounds so nice. I have been travelling the world, sailing and hiking for few years now. Visiting the Azores is on my bucket list. I have missed you guys by a few weeks in The Canary Island on your atlantique crossing in 2018. My friends and I did it in 3 weeks and landed in Martinique on January 23. It would be great to meet you in Azores, once there, we could put on the base for your futur trip to eastern Canada. Hope to see you soon mate. Claude Pelletier

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