BOAT LIFE: Cleaning the Ship. We arrived in an Old Fishing Village! Ep. 226

Song Credits:
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01:41 Koresma – Canyon Walls (Andrew Rothschild Remix)
02:44 Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here
03:53 Now – HUFRIK
07:15 Cold Hearted – Ead Wood
08:28 Slow Train – Anthony Arya
12:07 The Hunt – AKW
16:46 The Hills – Brandon Hoogenboom

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  1. Definitely Hither Hills where we camp almost every year. I bet that was the same three pods of dolphins I saw from the life guard station one morning. Also glad you checked out cedar point. (The second beach scene in this video) I swim there right where Lenny was eating rocks. One time I walked in the reeds there and came out with about a hundred baby ticks on me. Lisa was like quick jump in the water. Quick thinking too . Yeah I get bit there by flies and ticks and sand fleas every year, but can’t wait to get all scarred up again the next year. Hope you guys tried the beer.

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