BOAT LIFE: Elaynas Friend comes to Stay! Ep. 220

Join us for a little sail, and then us girls underwater (thanks Riles for watching Lenny and letting me have a ‘girls day’ haha).

Song Credits:

Checkout my beautiful friend Sjana on YouTube!
And she’s on Insta too

Song Credits:
00:00 Demi Mitchell – Rapid
02:07 The Dwelling Light – Autumn
05:22 This Is All It Takes – Jon Magnusson
07:51 Crimson – Andrew Rothschild
10:37 Rafart & Ramya – Magic Concepts – Electronic Indian classical
13:04 Castles Fall – Trent Herzman

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  1. My dad showed me your videos about 4 years ago which was shocking because he has zero understanding of social media or YouTube. But I assume the thumb nails looked cool to someone like him who travels for a living (he’s a pilot). Anyways, he told me how he had been following your videos and thought you guys were cool specifically because despite the lifestyle seen in the videos you aren’t just two rich assholes rather you had a dream and made it happen by working hard. Today I sit in my collage apartment studying Organic Chemistry 2212 at the University of Georgia dreaming of having the balls to do the same. Don’t get me wrong I love science however I live a life of constant fear and anxiety regarding my next steps in applying for medical school. But watching your videos make me feel brave and if all else fails I should just strive to do something that makes me happy. Lastly I just wanted to say that your son is beautiful and I’m so happy for y’all!

  2. Did you get a new dedicated videographer? I saw all those interested, a few who looked very good. Looking forward to seeing you all work in a new person and get some relief. Do not let Elayna cry!

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