BOAT LIFE: Evacuating the Family for a HURRICANE! Ep. 221

Join us for a sail north away from the beautiful Bahamas towards USA after spending some girl time with @sjanaelise. We had a bit of a scare with a tropical depression forming nearby but fortunately it did not turn into a hurricane and the weather forecasts appear to be much more positive.
Checkout my beautiful friend Sjana on YouTube!
And she’s on Insta too

Song Credits:
00:00 Aggio girato lu munno – Oine Ensemble
02:49 Lazy Boat – RRAREBEAR
04:56 04 Pull My Hair – Sneakout
08:28 Held – Marshall Ruffin
13:58 Jimmy Pinch – Blood Moon
16:10 Sailin’ – Jordan Merrick

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Comments 5

  1. Hi guys, great to see you happy and on a sail again. Lenny may well de the reincarnation of Jon Bonham, ha ha>great to see also love you guys always.

  2. Little Captain is growing like a weed, and it is fantastic, for him as well as the both of you to get to be with him everyday!!

  3. the robert plant intro of the Len meister was pretty impressive, no matter when you go you’ll always have some headwinds, usually in the wee hours of the morning, if I was in a hurry (which I usually was) I’d leave the reefed main up and motor sail with one engine running on the leeward side, slow bumpy progress but usually in the right direction.

  4. That big grin as he drummed the table was a real tonic. Happy chappy. You have been very blessed. Mind you, 24/7 with Dad n Mum will be sure to produce a contented little sailor.

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