BOAT LIFE: Family of 3, CONFINED SPACE Living at SEA! Ep. 233

Join us at Goat Island Marina in Newport, Rhode Island! We give you a quick history lesson of what we learnt about the historic town.

Riley does some maintenance on the boat (in some cases possibly even creating work for himself) and a visit to the doctors for potential skin cancer. This is not the first time Riley has had skin cut off and likely wont be the last. Don’t forget to “slip slop slap” when you’re out in the sun folks!

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  1. “New episode” repeat of 6 days previous. I’m waiting for the videos of the winter Atlantic crossing promised for this January.

  2. hope your got my email….i spend several hours a day on the web , but not very familiar with emails, facebook etc etc
    have a nice day…several years back, i had a web site on geocities, kayaking, board sailing, just sailing in the keys, etc but they were sold…..never knew what happen….

  3. There is a native american remedy for little skin things like warts, skin tags or brown spots. It’s called the blood root or black salve. Bloodroot is a little flowering plant. I haven’t tried it myself, but I saw a video of this guy using it. He called it dark medicine, It eats away at things like dead skin and separates them out, but leaves living tissue alone. I forget how long it takes to extricate stuff I think about a week the only caution I would give is if it’s deep it will go deep. So if it is cancer it could be scary ,but it’s worth researching.

  4. Hi there!

    I’ve been watching on and off for the entire time of your channel. You guys are really special. Thanks for your channel especially during these cold winter months when my B473 is on the hard. It was great to see you explore my local sailing grounds … Newport, and fun to see some of the sailboats I see when I go sailing in Narragansett Bay.

    All the best!


  5. Hello Riley, Alayna and Lenny,
    Trying to find the best way to message you and adding this to the list. Love your adventure and thanks for sharing it with a frozen landlubber here in Northumberland. Keeps me going through horrible January. I’m just about to have a bit of me sliced out, like Riley, so keep up the Slip Slop Slap message. I know you read a lot and hope you might like a story that started with my own adventure jackarooing in Queensland years ago. Trying hard to produce an audio version but for now you could download a kindle version on Amazon:

  6. Could you make films of the Atlantic crossing with Greta and her father or did they want to keep the rights?

  7. Hi. Do you drop new episodes on a particular day? In the things to tell my grandkids I thought you said you drop Monday but Monday has come and gone. Thank you for entertaining us and show casing new places, people and customs. And all the boat work and great recipes. ??

  8. Seems to me like a wonderful chance to get to know these people. Are they the same behind the cameras?

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