BOAT LIFE: Getting Hauled Out, in the middle of NO WHERE.. Ep. 234

In true Tarantino style, we have gone back in time to the several weeks before we crossed the Atlantic. It’s a continuation from episode 233.
La Vagabonde gets a haul out in the middle of no where for some boat repairs. Towns like this, remind me a lot of a few of the country towns around where I grew up in Western Australia. A bit odd.. ? but I love to play chameleon and blend in to any new environment we find ourselves in. Join us on the cement as we replace the seals on the sail drives and I invite a friend Bri to stay the night. We have a girls night and tare up the town (go to one bar..) whilst Lenny stays home with papa! Wooooo.

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Song Credits:
00:00 Luís Trindade – Beautiful way to die
01:49 Why does Moons go in the Sky – Heeblay
03:54 Footloose – Tom Owens
06:12 Axel Thesleff – Piya Mora
10:46 Every Other Conversation – Dante Matas
13:17 Climbing Trees – Tracks (Acoustic)
15:00 Koresma – Far Away Coast

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  1. i do not know what to say….maybe organised a fashion show in paris or on the coast for all elena wardrob, should you change for a 3rd vagabonde to keep all her clothes….
    one of my dreams was to replace your father, once across ….. a few years back….
    but in newport, i will kill myself for not driving down to my own favorite spot…. with add the phone no of the marina

    love you all, keep writing

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