Don’t get me wrong, we have lived life in isolation before. But having to stay on your boat and not be able to leave for an unknown amount of time is something we have not experienced. I’m sure you can all relate to the craziness created from staying at home. We got a bit silly in this one – hope it brings you a smile.

Music Credit:
00:00 AUST – Croix d’Or
02:19 Piano Club – 16th Floor
03:19 Fermin Spanish Guitar – Descendente
08:24 The Little Lord Street Band – Maybe I’m Just In Love
13:35 RRAREBEAR – Mission Impossible Theme
14:32 Piano Club – 16th Floor

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  1. Ohh nooo Lenny boys nose! I hope thats not broken. Poor fella is tough as nails! Xx
    Well done to you guys on thinking creatively and still producing the goods mid pandemic! Keep it coming if you can and keep safe.

  2. I was part of a crew delivering a Sydney 38 yacht from Melbourne to Sydney, and returning home by train. Thinking it was going to be a long train ride I needed a book. At the nearest rack I grabbed a book, (Sci Fi) called Altered Carbon, by an author called Richard Morgan. Best book ever. He is now my favourite author. Anyway, the book was made into a tv series, which features an AI (artificial Intelligence) as the concierge of an hotel. He bears a remarkable likeness to Riley. Cheers.

  3. I love you guys. And I love your creativity especially. There is one thing that I wanted to mention that I find absolutely S A E I O U cute. It’s the way that Alania says the word so. She manages to include every vowel in the alphabet when doing so. It’s that wonderful Australian accent. Someday when my best daydream comes true I’ll be sailing with you.

  4. Very fun, cute, entertaining video. Hopefully you can cruise for many years to come. We were out but had to return to land to care for my wife’s 94 year old mom who had a stroke. We’ll be back but it’ll be a few years. We have friends who are in their 60’s and are still out there. We also know of several families with children whom they are home schooling aboard their boat. Amazing lifestyle.
    Regarding quarantine… we feel the same way you do… like our freedom has been taken away. Not happy but watching your videos helps.

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