BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

(#2 of 7) What to do on a vessel by yourself in the Bahamas? Read and spearfish. You can really get some reading done when you are by yourself on a boat. I had a few odd jobs to do but La Vaga was in pretty good shape and most of the stuff I would need spare parts for anyway so they would wait till we were back in the land of Amazon.

Song Credits:
00:00 HEEBLAY – Sedona KALI
01:36 The House Sleeps – Beth
02:24 River left me dry – Dominic Bennett
04:51 Sweet Anne – JINGO
06:33 The Grey Whistle – The Grey Whistle Test

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  1. Riley,

    re: online schooling

    Contact Keith & Renee aboard Sailing Zatara. You met Keith at the Miami boat show – you are in their video. They have four children age 12 to 17 living on the boat and participating in online schooling. They would be a great source for you and Elayna.

    They are in Florida the last several weeks doing a refit and haul out. They may be in or around Fort Lauderdal right now.

    Google “Sailing Zatara”, and they have noted an email address for you to contact. I would provide links but my post on 1 of 7 was not approved because I did research for you on safety, I found five sites that I named and gave urls. My post was denied. BTW, the most notable advice I found on those sites was for you to ask other cruisers what they do about personal and boat security.


    Webhead USA

  2. Not a bad bit of filming and elayna said you weren’t good you even got in some drone stuff, Impressive. But I didn’t understand a word of the sailing stuff to be honest. Been definitely noticing a twinkle in your eyes though..pappy.

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